Created by the Department of Defense to connect computers to send emails

First web browser created by the University of Illinois

Web page
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) document

HTML tags
Codes that define the web page

Web site
A collection of web pages

World wide web consortium
Consists of hundreds of organizations and experts that work together to write web standards

An application that helps you communicate. access and share information on the web

Clickable words/graphics that moves you from one page to another

Uniform Resource Locator
Web page address that identifies that page on the web

The use of emails that look legitimate to get sensitive data

When the server is hacked and used to reroute traffic to a fake website to get personal info

When a computer has been taken over by an unauthorized user

A browser especially designed for small screens

A software that is added on to an existing application to provide additional features to a program

eXtensible Markup Language
Provides a way to classify the contents of a web page making it easier to organize

Organized collection of data

Static web publishing
A way to display data from a web database using the databases report utility to convert the report into an HTML document that a browser can display

Dynamic web publishing
A way to display data from a web database by creating web pages on demand, retrieving the most current data at the moment it is requested

A set of program instructions to make web pages interactive

Server side script
Script that runs on a server rather than a computer

Client side script
Script that runs on a local computer

Search engine
Locates relevant web pages

Web crawler
Automated program that uses hyperlinks to jump between Web pages, collecting data as it goes

Indexing utility
Part of the search engine that receives data from a web crawler then compiles it into an organized list of keywords

Query processor
Looks for your search criteria in the indexed database then displays the list of results as URLs with corresponding info

One or more words that describe what you're looking for

Links to web pages that match your criteria

Wildcard character
A symbol/character such as the asterisk added to a keyword to search for derivation of a word

Boolean operator
Word or symbol that identifies the relationship between keywords

Web master
Person who maintains a web site and can manually submit URLs to a search engine

Search engine optimization
Used to improve page ranking

Link popularity
Pages with links to popular web sites get higher ratings

Meta keywords
Words entered into the header section of the web page when it's created

Keyword stuffing
Web site operators to move their sites to the tops of the result list by manipulating meta keywords

Process of temporarily scrambling data so it's not readable until it's decrypted

Secure hypertext transfer protocol; makes a secure connection to your computer

Digital certificate
Verifies the identity of a person/organization

Click through rate
Number of times visitors click the ad

Small data file that sometimes installed by pop up and banner ads

Helper application
Software added to a browser to extend capabilites

Domain name
Character based name for web sites internet Protocol

IP address
Unique numeric address for each network and device on the internet

Domain name system
Worldwide database for all internet domain named associated with Internet Service Providers

Domain name servers
A computer/server that stores domain names on the internet

Top level domains
The letters following the dot in the domain name when you visit a web site

Content aggregater site
Web site that gathers, organizes, and distributes web content

Provides a web page for email, which you access via browser

Collaborative web site where groups can modify content

Short for web blog, is a web page listing journal entries that provide commentary and info

Social networking
Form of social media that lets you share opinions, pics/videos and ideas

File sharing sites
Lets you post photos, music and media on site

Web applications
Applications that are on a server on the internet and run through browser

Application service providers
Provide software based services over the internet

Productivity applications
helps accomplish tasks like creating a document

Electronic commerce
Purchase of physical products and intangible products online

Business to consumer
Business provides goods and services to customers they usually ship the goods via post service and commercial service

Consumer to consumer
Consumer provides goods and services to other consumers

Business to business
Transfer of goods, services and info to other businesses

Secure electronic transaction
Standard protocol for securing credit card transaction over the internet

Transport layer security
Technology used to encrypt data that helps protect consumers/businesses

Digital/electronic wallet
Stores the payment information you enter when you finalize the purchase

Online investing
Managing stocks and other securities online

Aggregate sites
Specialization in collecting/organizing data from consumer websites

Near field communication
short range wireless tech that works with frequency identification

Radio frequency identification
Wireless tech used for tagging and tracking objects across the internet

Internet of things
Premise that all objects can be tagged, tracked, and monitored