The use of Computer technology In Entertainment. "The improvements in computer technology over the past decade have made video and audio streaming commonplace, making the computer a sophisticated and powerful entertainment medium" (Happier, 2012, p. 39). The use of computer technology Is not limited to business, health, education and manufacturing industries but also widely used In entertainment and arts world. There are so many applications as there are entertainers and artists. People look forward to the entertainment for recreation, so that they can reduce their stress and strains of their employ machine like schedules.

With the advancement of computers and networks, new types of entertainment have emerged such as video games, entertainment robots, and network games. All our traditional entertainment utilities like music, movies, sports, games, etc. Are now affected by computer technology, one can have all these services, sitting at home and enjoying themselves. Entertainment Is a huge business complex that comprises music, sports, movies, games etc. And for the purpose of this essay, I will limit the discussion on the use of computer technology on he aforementioned areas of entertainment.

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Movies. Today's entertainment Is about the computer and Internet technology. Movies as part of entertainment industry have seen tremendous Improvement In production through the use of computer technology. With the lad of sophisticated graphics and animation packages, the special effect technicians can create any illusion. Computer technologies have helped in improving productivity by automating time consuming, repetitive and monotonous processes. They give the movie makers a lot by giving them the power to create the kind of special effects they want.

Computer technologies are widely used to create special effects in Big Budget movies. They are also extensively used behind the scenes to edit film during the production process. New movies are developed using computer graphics, animations etc. Which resemble real life events thereby reducing costs and time involved in the making of such movies. Music The use of technology In the world of music Is an unavoidable fact. The advancement In computer technology has also changed the nature of music over the decades.

The advent of computers revolutionized the recording, editing, production and striation of music. In the sass's, an artist could digitally record his/her own music, then mix and master the tracks on a home computer. This music could then be burnt to a compact disc and distributed, or uploaded onto the World Wide Web. As a result, the production and consumption of music bypassed traditional processes and commercially through the use of internet. Today, there are many ways artists distribute their music without relying on the traditional role. According to (Gordon, 2005, p. 66), "Online distribution is quickly becoming Just as popular as brick and rotor distribution, if only the fact that artist no longer need independent or major label record to make money from their recordings". With the help of the internet through music which is a stand-alone digital device, artist utilize numerous online distributors simultaneously which popularizes them and generates more revenue. Sports Computer technology has significantly transformed our lifestyles. Sports as a major part of entertainment has seen lots if improvements through the advancement in computer technology.

In soccer for instance, coaches are realizing the potential of such technology for analyzing and simulating playing performance and in training. Over the last fifteen years, various match analysis systems have appeared in the market, each offering different levels of data and information. Basic game systems simply analyze the match cassette, allowing basic data input which provides statistical information such as the number of passes and tackles. Digital cameras have become cheaper and better in image quality.

This type of camera can be linked directly to a computer and the film analyzed straightaway, paving time (avoids the digitization of a video cassette produced from non-digital type cameras). Computerized systems which automatically calculate the positions and track the movements of players using camera, video and computer technology are now common. These systems require the installation of several cameras to cover the whole pitch so that every player is always captured on film, whatever their position on the pitch and the moment in time. Video Game. This is another area where computer technology has been helpful in entertainment.

According to Steve Gordon, "many of the hottest video games are using more music, both previously released tracks (including those by superstars as well as underground hits), and music specifically composed, produced, and recorded for particular games". (Gordon, 2005, p. 80). Today, it is not uncommon for some video games to employ music in an entirely different way to achieve creativity and make fortune through the use of sophisticated computer technology. For instance, the Madden 2005 game featured pre-recorded masters, some of which have already had considerable success.

This is similar to a movie that uses certain highly recognizable music to conjure up a style. The use of computer technology in entertainment industry introduced tablet devices, multiple screens, the player, and cable TV that have aided greater interactivity between celebrities and the audience. Cable TV provides services that are quite different from what is obtainable in traditional broadcast television because high- speed internet, telephone service, FM radio programming and other non-television services are provided through the cable.

Today, cable TV is popular all over the world as increased interactivity amongst consumers especially in reality TV shows. Player which is an internet television developed in 2005 is a computer technology that audiences have found useful in reality TV shows. It helps the audience to catch up with any series they have missed in a television programmer and gives them the opportunity to have their say. Among all the computer technologies that have aided growth in entertainment industry, the use and availability of the internet have substantially grown and as such, have become an ever more important part of the society.

The internet has also be lauded for widening the pool of entertainers through such platforms as online video-sharing sites like Youth, online publishing websites,