All versions of the Book of Jasher have similar features that are accounted for in the original Book of Jasher, a public secular version of the events, without stating much concerning God’s role in over history. All these could discredit the Book of Jasher among nonbelievers. Moreover, the sacred account is very enlightening to believers and provides explanations of the events behind the scenes. Therefore, it appears that the Book of Jasher was designed to become a public record, explaining the purpose of handing it over to the king of Egypt, at the same time withholding its sacred account. Therefore, it can be deduced that the Book of Jasher was a more secular view of historical events, rather than being less credible or accurate, hence serving a very important role (Mordecai, 1840). The secular version of the Book of Jasher is similar to the Book of Alma that chronicles the battles and wars, as well as, others inspired sermons, but has very few revelations. This is another difference with the Bible since the five Mosaic books include pure revelations from the Lord. In addition, there is a similar arrangement of the Old Testament since they are grouped depending on whether they are historical or prophetic rather than being listed chronologically. We can deduce that there is a historical pattern of paralleled sacred as well as secular account of the Book of Jasher, since it appears to depict much of the Hebrew account.

An evidence of the Book of Jasher appears to come from the chronological field. The Book of Jasher depicts the chronology of the world that is quite identical to the biblical interpretation. Some Biblical scholars claim that the Holy Scripture has certain ambiguities that contribute to the major differences in the estimation of the world’s chronologies. For instance, in the Bible, it is stated that Terah lived seventy years and gave birth to Abram, Nahor, and Haran. This is ambiguous since we are left to wonder if they were triplets. Some scholars claim that the Book of Jasher provides a crucial piece of information to believers and anyone who wants to construct the Biblical chronology of the world. Thus, the problem is that there are associated with assumptions that the biblical events are organized in a chronological order. Most researchers who have studied the chronology of the Book of Jasher claim that the chronology based on the Book of Jasher is very accurate and consistent (Trimm, 2009).

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