In The Scarlet Ibis, James Hurst develops the universal idea that determination enlightens using simile, metaphor, and personification.

Hurst develops the theme that determination enlightens using similes. First, Hurst compares Doodle to an old worn - out doll. When he tries to crawl, Doodle ...pushes himself... (156) but keeps falling down ... like an old worn - out doll (156) yet finally succeeds. Doodle is determined by his enlightenment to become a part of the family. Next, Hurst compares Doodle to a half - empty flour sack. Doodle tried to stand up for the first time, He collapsed... (157) a half - empty flour sack (157) from lack of strength. Doodle is determined to walk because of the enlightenment of brother who is embarrassed to have a five - year old brother who cant walk. Finally, Hurst compares success to a pot of gold. After the winter, Brother uses the summer to teach Doodle everything and thought Doodles ...Success... (159) is like a ... pot of gold at the end of summer... (159). Doodles determination to learn how to swim and row, he is enlightened by his goal to learn by the end of summer.

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