Programming Languages The Role of Programming in Information Technology I certainly most agree to the perspective of the author from RITE, where the role of programming in Information Technology is subsequently different to Computer Science, Software Engineering and Computer Engineering. Though one of the most common applications and commodities of IT now is that integration in doing business systems in the growing era of information-through-network (might have) surpassed all corporate ideals.

For example is a multinational company asking some IT refashions with their development team being able to integrate all systems into a tailor-fit program to access all features in one system (enterprise resource planning system). This is particularly one vague instance of how IT differs its programming practices with other branches of Computer Studies. The development team has another concentration to the IT professionals.

IT professionals and managers know what the company needs, how transactions work, relational data to process, and the program to be used, while the development team know how to program from head to owe of the program, classes, network protocols, web tags and scripts and the like. As mentioned in the reading, IT professionals are "closer" to the end-users. They (IT Pros) understand what the users want. IT pros recognize and visualize immediately what they need for the application.

IT pros know a lot of programming languages, but not to its finest detail. But in contrast, the developers know the programming languages' inner most capabilities on how it may be applied to the expectations of what the IT professional assigned him to do. Though the IT pro can instantly develop a small app for his end-user as a sample or even the real thing, he may reuse ready- made programs from open-source, etc. O develop the final application. It was discussed in the position paper where these ready-made programs come from. They were from computer scientists and software engineers, who shared and dedicated some of their free time for hobbies such as developing algorithms as portions, being a useful feature that may someday be found out as a very significant procedure after The Role of Programming By Marlinespike