We are going to the marketing mix of the most popular product of this firm : thericard pastis. Product : The product Ricard consists of anise drinks, licorice and various Provence aromas. The marriage of the various ingredients is made according to the secret rules of an art which guarantees the constancy of the flavor and the Ricard aromas. As for the range of products, it declines under bottles of various volumes, going of the miniature bottle of 25cl to the 4,5 liter bottle. This range of choice allows the brand to adapt itself and to meet the expectations of the consumer, but also to adapt itself to the various places, moments, and way of consumption. Products are thus in adequacy with the circumstances of tasting as with the places of consumption. The company moreover threw in 2003 Ricard "bottle", Ricard ready to drink.

Price : At the level of the mass-market retailing, the price is variable. Indeed, there is an agreement between the brand and the buying groups, and the price thus varies according to the contents of these agreements. The applied margins so influence the final sale price to the consumer. As for the network of the C.H.R (coffees, hotels, restaurants), it benefits from price less advantageous than in the mass-market retailing, because of volume less important. Consequently, the C.H.R owes apply margins more raised to compensate for its costs of supplies, what echoes on the final sale price to the consumers.

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Placement : The distribution concentrates essentially around bars, coffees, restaurants, discotheques and hypermarkets. Thanks to a diversification of its range of products, Ricard is omnipresent: of the liter bottle for hypermarkets in the miniature of 25cl for the discotheques, Ricard follows the consumer very closely, and accompanies him in all its night out. In any place, the consumer can drink a Ricard! In mass-market retailing, the sales force Ricard has the peculiarity to cover the completeness of points of sale: hypermarkets and supermarkets as well as minimarkets.

Communication : We can analyze the communication and the image of Ricard according to several levels: Fame and image with the current and potential customers: Ricard possesses a strong brand image, connected to it’s story. it enjoys a strong image and a fame of good quality product. Besides, this image respects the tradition and the standards imposed by its founder. The customers are generally faithful to the brand, and do not buy the other aniseed drink.

Most of the persons who do not consume the product know it nevertheless. We can thus say that the brand Ricard is anchored in the French culture. The brand is synonymic of quality; Ricard has a capital embellish with images hardly who allies conviviality and modernity. Fame and image with the distributors: The distributors are proud to possess the brand Ricard in their shelves and cannot take place of its referencing. Ricard thus has a quality of image and efficiency for the distributors.

Ricard thus benefits from a strong capital of image. This profit is the fruit of an innovative and offensive marketing strategy which shows itself first of all by a powerful advertising and factual initiative. Indeed in 2006, Ricard launches a new advertising campaign, a continuation of a real advertising legend with a rate of gratitude amounting to 75 %. Its new slogan " Ricard Un Vrai " emphasizes the integrity, the quality and the lifestyle of a brand which represents in the front row French of spirits. Next to these powerful advertising campaigns, the marketing Ricard also develops important promotional means intended to value the brand : bottles in limited editions, creation of objects by a lot of designers.


To conclude we can say that the process of globalization, does not stop proliferating. Just like the company French Pernod Ricard, firms have to cop with the globalization by setting up of new marketing strategies, or it would disappear. To be more offensive, to have a range of Prosperous product allowing to answer every culture and, to have a valuable price ladder corresponding to every portfolio, are the keys to success of a company within this globalized world. Furthermore, with campaigns advertising executive inciting to stop the alcohol consumption the companies of wines and spirits owe regild their company and put in tone of the market of products less containing a lot of alcohol. So the consumers will respect the public health preoccupations because he will drink less, but you have to make so that what it drinks result from your company.