Chapter 1 Setting
Movies and Walk home from movies
Chapter 1 Action Summary (Plot) and Character Involved
-Pony gets jumped
-Gang saves Pony from Socs
Important Things To Remember From Chapter 1
-Pony has two brothers, Darry and Sodapop
- Pony treats his "gang" like family
- Pony's "gang' consists of himself, Darry, Soda, Dally, Two-Bit, Steve, and Johnny
How does the narrator describe himself?
The narrator describes himself as following: he says that he doesn't look tough and his looks aren't so bad. He has light-brown almost red hair and greenish green eyes. His hair is longer than most boys wear theirs, squared off in the front and long at the front and sides. Also he likes to spend time alone. Finally, he is a greaser.
Why does he like to go to the movies alone?
He likes to go to movies alone because he can watch movies undisturbed so he can get into the movie and live the movie with the actors, and when he sees a movie with someone it's kind of uncomfortable for him, for him it's like having someone read your book over your shoulder.Also nobody in his "crowd" likes going to the movies.
What happens to him on the way home from the movies?
On the way home from the movies he is jumped by Socs.
How does he feel as he is being followed? Why? What signs does he exhibit that tell you this is
how he feels? How does he get out of it?
He got scared because he saw a Corvair which most likely belonged to a Soc because he thought he was going to get jumped. I know that he is scared because he said that he got pretty scared, but luckily the gang saved him, but after he got a few cuts and bruises.
What happened to the parents of the narrator?
The parents were killed in an auto wreck(a car accident). (8 months ago)
What do we learn is the name of the narrator?
The narrator's name is Ponyboy.
Why is Ponyboy so reluctant to tell Darry how he really feels afterwards?
Ponyboy was reluctant to tell Darry about how he really feels because he was smarting, aching, his chest was sore, he was so nervous my hands were shaking and he wanted to start bawling, but he knew that you just don't say that to Darry. Also Ponyboy knew he'd look like a baby.
Who are Soda and Steve? Where do they work?
Soda is Ponyboy's brother. Steve is Soda's best friend. He worked at the same gas station (DS Gas Station) as Soda, but Steve works part time and Soda works full time.
How did Two-Bit get his nickname? What is his real name?
Two-Bit got his nickname because he always had to get two-bits worth in. His real name is Keith.
According to Ponyboy, what is different about Dally from the rest of the guys?
According to Ponyboy, Dally is different than the rest of the guys because he is tougher, colder, and meaner.
Why does Darry work so hard?
Darry's parents passed away and he needs to make money for Soda, Ponyboy, and himself.
What does Sodapop tell Ponyboy about his plans for Sandy and himself?
Sodapop tells Ponyboy that he thinks he's gonna marry Sandy after she gets out of school and maybe after Ponyboy gets out of school.
Describe Ponyboy, Soda, and Darry' s relationship with each other.
Ponyboy, Darry, and Soda's relationship is somewhat unique. They all need each other and even though they don't show it or say it they all love each other, and it is a very brotherly relationship.
Chapter 2 Setting
Movies, drug store, and diner
Chapter 2 Action Summary and Characters Involved
-Dally, Pony, and Johnny go to the movies
-They meet Cherry and Marcia
Chapter 2 Important Things To Remember
-They meet Cherry and Marcia
-They learn Socs have tough lives too
How do the boys get into the Nightly Double? Why do they choose to do that?
The boys sneak over the back of the fence into the Nightly Double without paying. They didn't pay because Dally liked to break laws whenever he could.
Why does Dally use vulgar and abrasive language with the girls at the movies?
To see if he could embarrass the girls.
How do the girls respond to the insults? From their reactions, what can you conclude about
their personalities?
The girls snap back and tell Dally to stop. They are nice people, but they don't like being picked on.
Why is Ponyboy uncomfortable about Dally's behavior?
Ponyboy didn't like Dallas's behavior because the girls weren't their kind.
Explain why the girls are okay with Johnny and Pony, but not Dally.
According to the girls, Ponyboy and Johnny are too sweet to hurt anyone.
Why are the girls alone and without a car?
The girls are there without a car because they came with their boyfriends, but their boyfriends were drunk and they left.
What does Two-Bit do that scares Johnny and Pony? Relate why it is especially frightening to
He came up from behind and grabbed their shoulders. It was scary for Johnny because when you don't know that someone is behind you and then they grab you shoulder it frightens you, and maybe he thought he was going to get jumped by a Soc agian.
What rule do the Greasers follow, besides "stick together"? How do you think these rules came
to be?
The other rule is don't get caught. The rules probably were made overtime, then the "rules" just became a norm.
Describe the attack on Johnny. Why do you think the attack was so traumatic to him?
The attack was vicious and ruthless.Socs came out of a blue mustang and beat him up. The attack was so traumatic because he was beaten so badly he almost died.
Chapter 3 Setting
Walk home from movie
Chapter 3 Action Summary and Characters Involved
-The girls boyfriends pick them up
-They realize that Socs and Greasers are very much alike
-They walk home from the movie
-The boys get into a fight
-Dally goes to hunt a poker game, while Johnny and Pony stay at the lot and fall asleep
-They wake up and Ponyboy returns home after curfew at 2 in the morning
-Darry slaps Ponyboy and Ponyboy runs away
Chapter 3 Important Things to Remember
-The girls boyfriends are the ones that jumped Johnny
-Ponyboy runs away
-Socs and Greasers are very much alike
What does Cherry tell Ponyboy about the Socs?
Cherry tells Ponyboy that not only money separates Socs from greasers, but that greasers have different sets of values, (according to Cherry, Socs are more sophisticated, opposed to the greaser who are more emotional).
Relate the story of Mickey Mouse and Soda. Why do you think it was included in the novel?
Both Mickey Mouse and Soda loved each other. It was included to show that the Socs always get something they want, but gresears can't.
Explain the reference to the watching the sunset. Why is it an important part of the buildup of the relationship between Cherry Valance and Ponyboy?
It shows that Cherry and Ponyboy have something in common.
When the blue Mustang rolls up, what are its occupants hoping to do? What do the Greasers think they want?
They went to pick-up their girlfriends, but the greasers think that they are going to get jumped, or the Socs want to start a fight.
Give your opinion of Cherry saying, "...if I see you in the hall at school or someplace and don't say hi, well, it's not personal..." Explain the reasons for your point of view.
When Cherry said what she said, it kind of proved that Socs think that they are better than greasers which is shame because they are pretty much the same as the greasers. I think this because if she didn't think that she would have said maybe we should talk sometime or she wouldn't have said anything at all. She thought it would be embarrassing to talk to a greaser in school.
What do Pony and Johnny do instead of going home after the movies, and what is the result?
Johnny and Ponyboy stay outside and watch the stars and smoke , and Ponyboy ended up falling asleep and that made him late coming home. Ponyboy got in trouble by Darry because Pony was home really late.
Why doesn't Darry call the police when Ponyboy doesn't arrive home until 2:00 a.m.?
If he called the police it might have gotten Ponyboy and Johnny thrown in a boys' home.
Why do Ponyboy and Johnny run away?
Johnny and Ponyboy ran away because Darry slapped Ponyboy and it aggravated Ponyboy.
Why does Johnny say he likes it better when his father is hitting him?
Johnny said that he liked when his father was hitting him because at least then Johnny knows that his father knows who Johnny is.
Paraphrase why Darry seems like such an angry person.
Darry is always yelling at Ponyboy, he smacked Ponyboy, and I have never heard him say one nice thing to anyone so far.
Chapter 4 Setting
In the park
Chapter 4 Action Plot And Summary
The Socs try to jump Pony and Johnny, and when they attack Bob sticks Pony into the fountain because Pony fights back, and Johnny gets away from the Socs attacking him, and so Pony wouldn't drown he stabs and kills Bob.
Chapter 4 Important Things to Remember
-Johnny committed murder
-Get guns and money
- Bob is dead (killed by Johnny)
What happens to Ponyboy at the park?
He almost drowns, he was jumped by the Socs.
Why does Johnny go after Bob? What is the result?
He is drowning Ponyboy, Johnny stabs Bob and kills him.
Why does Johnny react so violently to the Socs?
He has been beaten up before by Socs.
To whom do Ponyboy and Johnny go for help? What does he give them? What does he
tell them to do?
They go to Dally and they get money and a gun and tells them to go to Windrixville.
How do the boys get to where they are going? Where are they going to stay?
They get there by train. They stay at a church.
Interpret what Ponyboy means when he says, "things are happening too quick. Too
fast." Do you ever get a similar feeling in your own life? Explain.
They are running for their life. Also so much has happened lately.
Why do you think the author included the flashback to when all the guys went to church
together? Do you think it was important to include that scene? Why?
Yes to remember the good times.
Make a prediction about Ponyboy's "premonition." How could this be a hint of
something that is being foreshadowed?
Something bad might happen.
Chapter 5 Setting
Windrixville (Church)
Chapter 5 Action Plot and Summary
-Johnny gets food for him and Pony
-Ponyboy sees the sunset
Chapter 5 Important Things To Remember
- They see a sunset
- They are hiding from the police
-They are homesick
When Pony wakes up, why is he alone? What does Johnny bring back?
Johnny goes to get supplies.
What do the boys do to disguise themselves? Why is Pony so reluctant to do anything
with his hair?
They bleach and cut their hair. Ponyboy doesn't want to cut and bleach his hair because he takes pride in his hair.
How did the boys show their feelings as emotion overcame them? Do you think their
behavior was "in character" or did it deviate from the image the writer was trying to
create? Explain.
they were homesick
How do they pass the time over the next few days? What do they eat?
They read gone with wind and they eat bologna sandwiches.
Why does Ponyboy get sick on the fifth day at the church?
he eats too much bologna
What does Dally bring to Ponyboy from Sodapop? What does Pony learn from it about
Darry's feelings?
A note Ponyboy realizes that Darry really does care for them.
How did Dally mislead the police?
told them he went to texas
Where do they go in Buck's car?
To Dairy Queen.
When Dally says that his heater "sure does help a bluff..." what does he mean?
he can do whatever he wants because he just takes the gun and tells them to let him do what he wants.
Who is the "spy" Dally speaks of?
Cherry Valance
Chapter 6 setting
Hospital and Church
Chapter 6 Action Summary and Characters Involved
- The boys (Johnny, Dally, and Pony) save the kids from the burning church
- Pony, Dally and Johnny get burned
- They head over to the hospital
Chapter 6 important things to remember
- Pony is burned the least, then Dally the next most burned, then Johnny is burned the most.
-Johnny and Dally are emitted to the hospital
"The spy" thinks the whole mess was her fault. Dally agrees that it is. Thinking back on the story, do you believe the trouble they are all in is because of her? Explain.
No it statred with Socs because if they didn't try to jump Ponyboy and Johnny none of this would have happend.
What does Johnny announce that he and Pony are going to do? Why does he think it is best?
to turn themselves in.
What does Dally tell Johnny when he asks about his parents? How does Johnny react? How is his reaction different from how Dally would react?
no they don't care about you my parents never did why should yours.
What is happening at the church when they return? Describe what they do about it.
The church is on fire. They save the kids that are caught in the church.
What happens to Ponyboy and Johnny because of their actions?
they get burned.
Why does Dally club Pony across the back?
to get the fire out.
Where are they headed when Pony wakes up? Where are Johnny and Dallas? Describe
each of the boys' injuries.
To the hospital. They are in the other car. Johnny has the worst burn and then Dally is the next worst burn wise and Ponyboy was barely burned.
How do Soda and Darry react when they see Ponyboy?
they cried and were so happy and were worried he would die like their parents.
Describe the change that has taken place in the relationship between Ponyboy and
he now knows he loves him.
Chapter 7 Setting
Hospital and Bus Stop
Chapter 7 Action Summary and Characters Involved
-TV reporters and police officers are all over
-Darry and Soda come to the Hospital
Chapter 7 Important Things To Remember
-Dally and Johnny are in the Hospital
-Johnny's injury is more severe than Dally's
Describe what Soda is doing while the police are trying to interview Ponyboy.
mimicked tv reporters
What is the extent of Johnny's injuries? How are the boys able to get the doctor to tell
them of Johnny's prognosis?
very burned and he might die
What does Ponyboy mean when by, "If? Please, no, I thought. Please not 'if'."
chance Johnny dies
Explain the reference to chocolate cake.
something they all love
Why do the Curtis boys always leave their door unlocked?
in case one of the gang members need a place to stay
What does the newspaper say about the "heroes"? What does Two-Bit have to say
about the wording the reporter chose?
they save children and they are skeptic of them because they are greasers
Recount the story of Pony's recurring dream.
he has the nightmares of his dead parents
What has happened to Soda's girlfriend, Sandy? Why?
she moved to Florida
To what is Pony referring when he says, "'s time for those guys from the state to
come by and check up on us."
taken to a boys home
Briefly describe the conversation between Randy and Ponyboy.
they are angry
From their discussion, what did you learn about the privileged class to which the Socs
belong? How do you think some people come to feel entitlement?
socs are highly regarded and easily
Randy says, "You get a little money and the whole world hates you." Pony replies, "No,
you hate the whole world." Which of these statements, in your opinion, is true? Explain your answer.
Pony's because people only hates Socs because the Socs disrespect everyone else
Chapter 8 setting
Chapter 8 Action Summary and Characters Involved
-They visit Dally, and Johnny at the hospital
-Johnny's mom comes and he doesn't want to see her
-Johnny faints
Chapter 8 Important Things To Remember
- Pony gets sick
- Johnny is getting worse
-Johnny doesn't want to see his mom
What do you think the doctor means when he says to the nurse, "Let them go in. He's been asking for them. It can't hurt now"?
he could die
Why does Johnny really want to live, even though he has thought of suicide in the past, and he would never be able to walk again?
He said, "Sixteen years is to short"
When the nurse announces to Johnny that his mother is there to see him, how does he react? When Two-Bit and Ponyboy see Johnny's mother, what happens? How do they react?
he says that he doesn't want to see his mom and Two-Bit says no wonder he hates your guts
When Dally asks Two-Bit about his "fancy black-handled switch", what do you think was his reason for asking? Why do you think Two-Bit hands it over to him "without hesitation"?
he wants to show his love for him
Pony had a sick feeling in his stomach about the rumble that night. Infer what you
think he was worried about.
he might end up like Johnny
Cherry tells Ponyboy about the kind of person Bob "really" was. How does she
describe him?
Bob was nice and friendly but when he was drunk it was bad
Cherry says about Bob, "He could be sweet sometimes, and friendly. But when he got was that part of him that beat up Johnny." Explain the differences between reason and excuse. Do you believe that if someone has been drinking, it is an excuse, or is it a reason, for inappropriate behavior? Try to use examples in your answer.
Reason is when the person knows that they didn't know that there was a true reason, an excuse is a false reason that is used to get out of trouble. It is a reason had he not been drinking more than likely Bob wouldn't have jumped Johnny and Pony
Chapter 9 Setting
Hospital and The Rumble
Chapter 9 Action Summary and Characters Involved
-They have the rumble, greasers win
-Dally is released from the hospital
- Johnny dies
-Dally and Pony visit Johnnny
Chapter 9 Important Things To Remember
- Johnny dies
-Dally is released from the hospital
-Greasers win rumble
How do the boys show their excitement about the rumble when they are at the Curtis house getting ready to head out?
They dress nice
Pony thinks the only good reason to fight is...?
For pride
Pony believes that he and Darry are both going to "get somewhere." What does he
mean by that? Do you believe they have any choice in the matter? Discuss in detail.
They are going to acheive enough to get a good enough job to be able to succeed and get out of the "hood"
Why, according to Ponyboy, do people usually think that any trouble is the fault of the greasers and not the Socs? In your opinion, is that a true assumption?
Because the Socs are supposedly the dream child they supposedly don't get into trouble and they are supposed to be the dream child, when the greaser are supposed to be little poor brats that don't know how to behave and get into trouble, but it is the complete opposite
What are the rules for the rumble?
It is a skin fight, which means no weapons
Who actually steps up to start the rumble? Who is his opponent and how does it
happen that he is able to take the first swing? What is ironic about these two boys
fighting against each other?
Darry fight Paul. Paul strikes first becuase Dally comes running yelling wait don't start so Dally looks at Dally and then Paul punches Dally. It is ironic because they used to be friends and Darry was the school's qb and Paul was the school's rb
Which side wins the rumble? What determines the winner?
The greasers win, and the Socs run first
Where do the boys go as soon as the rumble ends? Convey what happens as they are
on their way in Buck's car. How do they manage to get let off by the police?
They go to the hospital because they want to see Johnny, and to get to the hospital they act like Pony is sick
What were Johnny's last words to Ponyboy? What do you think he meant?
Stay gold Ponyboy, I think it means stay a child no matter what happens because you won't realize the opportunity you had until it is gone
Chapter 10 Setting
Hospital and Park
Chapter 10 Action Summary and Characters Involved
- Dally robs grocery store
-Cops track him down, and shoot him
Chapter 10 Important Things To Remember
-Dally dies
-Pony gets "Gone With The Wind" from Johnny
Dally runs out "like the devil was after him" when he finds out Johnny is dead. According to Pony, why is Dally having so much trouble handling Johnny's death?
Because Johnny is the pet, and Johnny was the only thing Dally loved.
When Dally phones, what is his message?
That he robbed a grocery store, and the police were after him
According to Ponyboy, Johnny died gallant. What does he mean? What is different about the death of Dally?
Johnny was better than most people. Dally died right after robbing a grocery store.
Why do you think Ponyboy becomes so sick? What are his symptoms?
So many of his friends die and he got hurt in the rumble and before that he had a headache and fever
The narrator writes, "And the ground rushed up to meet me very suddenly." What really happened
He fainted and fell to the ground
Why is Ponyboy worried about whether or not he asked for Darry while he was in the hospital?
because Darry is starting to trweat Ponyboy very good, but he heavily favors Soda so he knew that it would make him feel like Ponyboy doesn't like if Pony didn't ask for Darry
Chapter 11 Setting
Ponyboy's house
Chapter 11 Action Summary and Characters Involved
-Pony gets sick
- Randy visits and talks to Johnny
-Pony rages
Chapter 11 Important Things To Remember
-Randy visits
-Pony hates Randy
After Ponyboy studies the picture of Bob in the yearbook, what conclusions does he make about him?
A reckless hot-tempered boy, cocky, and scared stiff at the same time
What was Randy's purpose in visiting Ponyboy? What was the outcome of their conversation?
To tell the truth about what happened for his dad and it ended up as a little disagreement
Why do you think Ponyboy insists that he is the one who killed Bob and keeps saying Johnny isn't dead?
Ponyboy keeps saying that he killed Bob and that Johnny is dead to protect him from the police and people that may want to harm him.
Why do you think the judge's line of questioning is so easy on Ponyboy? Why is he acquitted?
I think the Judge is so easy on Ponyboy because of Pony's situation and how hard his life is. He is acquitted because the Judge does not want to further question him.
What happens to Ponyboy's schoolwork, memory, and attitude about himself after the hearing? What opportunity does his teacher give him to make up for him problems in school?
Ponyboy losses it. His teacher gives him the opportunity to write an essay.
Why does Soda bolt out the door?
He bolted out the door because hid brothers were fighting.
What do we find out about the real reason that Sandy left for Florida
Her grandma does not want her to hang out with Soda because he is a bad influence on her.
After Pony and Darry go find Soda, the three of them talk. What is the result of their conversation?
They all make up and forgive Soda for running away.
What was in the note from Johnny that Ponyboy found when it fell out of his book?
In the note from Johnny was him (Johnny) saying that he found out the the true meaning of "Nothing Gold Can Stay" . He wrote "... he meant you're gold when you're a kid, like green. When you're a kid everything is new, dawn. It's just when you get used to everything that it's day."
What does Ponyboy finally decide to write about it in his theme?
Ponyboy decides to write his theme about his latest experiences, his side of the story.
What is significant about the last sentence of the novel? Why?
The last sentence of the novel is the first sentence of The Outsiders, which shows that Ponyboy wrote this book, and it was about his experiences.