What does Penelope take out of the closet?
Odysseus's bow
What is Penelope's reaction when she reaches for the bow?
Tears flow from Penelope eyes.
What is the contest Penelope proposes?
Whoever can string Odysseus's bow and then shoot an arrow through a line of twelve axes wins Penelope's hand in marriage
How many axes must the arrow be shot through?
Why is this challenge impossible?
Penelope believes that only Odysseus can string the bow
What happens when Telemachus attempts the challenge?
Telemachus can't string the bow
Do any of the suitors pass the test?
What happens on Odysseus' first attempt?
Odysseus succeeds in firing the arrow through all the axes
Which two characters does Odysseus reveal his identity to?
Eumaeus and Philoetius
How does he reveal his identity to Eumaeus and Philoetius?
By showing the scar on his foot
What does he promise to do to Eumaeus and Philoetius if they fight alongside him against the suitors?
To treat them as Telemachus' brothers
Which God does Antinous propose they sacrifice for?
What does Antinous say to Odysseus when he asks for the bow?
The wine has gone to his head
And who does Antinous compare Odysseus to?
the legendary drunken centaur Eurytion
Who orders that the bow be given to Odysseus?
Where is the scar on Odysseus's body?
on his foot
What has happened to the weapons of the suitors?
Telemachus removed the suitors weapons from the great hall
How do the suitors treat the beggar/Odysseus?
They do not pay attention to him
How do we know that Zues is on Odysseus' side?
There is a thunder crack overhead
What statement does Odysseus make to Telemachus that must be important?
"Telemachus, your stranger you welcomed in your hall has not disgraced you."
What does Odysseus mean by "The hour has come ..."
Yea baby. It's on now. You are in big trouble
Who is the first suitor Odysseus turns to?
Antinous, because he has been the meanest of the suitors and their ringleader
What are the suitors unable to find?
Their weapons
What does Odysseus accuse the men of doing?
He says, "You took my house to plunder."
What is Odysseus' response to Eurymachus?
Not for all their gold or all their land will he allow them to escape
Who does Odysseus order to clean the house when the battle is over?
What does Telemachus then do to the women?
Hangs them in the courtyard
What does Penelope tell Euryceia to do regarding Odysseus' bed?
Place it outside the bedchamber he built with his own hands
Why does Odysseus have this reaction to Penelope's request regarding his bed?
He is happy to be home
What does Penelope do when she realizes it really is Odysseus?
She cries