The central mosques market penetration strategy will be implemented through the use of the marketing mix. Products/Services - The mosque offers a variety of services for its public to use which are intangible, perishable, variable and inseparable from those who perform them. It is the quality of these services and the experience produced that will determine the level of the demand required. Emphasis will be placed on user benefits and the intangibility element of the services will be reduced through descriptions on the website and various leaflets.

Price - This is not a very important factor for the mosque to consider because most of the services provided are free and only a small number require payment (those that do are quite competitively priced e. g. marriage bureau). The size of donations is up to each individual; however, worshippers will be encouraged to donate when ever it is possible. Place - The location of the mosque is ideal with a large car parking facility and frequent buses.

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This is an important element in the attractiveness of the mosque. All services are conducted on location. Although donations are collected in the mosque, large amounts of donation tins will be placed in local shops, making use of the distribution channels available to the mosque for fundraising purposes. Donors will also now be able to make donations online. Promotion - This is vitally important for the central mosque if the market place is to be penetrated.

The promotional objectives will be to: 1) inform the public of the activities and services provided; 2) persuade new users of the different benefits available; 3) to remind worshippers of the services that actually do exist, and to: 4) differentiate the mosque in relation to alternative places of worship. Promotion will be conducted via posters, leaflets, flyers, brochures about the mosque and newspaper advertisements informing the larger public of its charitable work.

Word of mouth communication will also be encouraged. A database of donors and Muslim business men in the area is another consideration for fundraising purposes. People - Staff and volunteers who are responsible for the delivery of services have to be properly trained and of the highest quality. They should be friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, committed and motivational, as the personal touch is very important.

Processes - The processes involved from first contact with the mosque right through to the end should be consistent, effective, efficient, controlled and of the highest quality, especially those elements which are seen as important by the user. Physical Evidence - The standard of premises, the facilities of the mosque, the general appearance of those who work at the mosque are all important in terms of what is communicated to the outside public. Since this is a service based organisation, physical evidence is very important and may be found in written communications of the mosque including in brochures and on the website.