The Monkeys Paw is set in 19th century England. The story takes place in a cabin in a deserted suburban area. The majority of the storys scenes happen at night, leaving only a few scenes in daylight. During the night, the weather is never pleasant and often unsettling, but during the day the weather is decent. The author purposely sets the suspenseful scenes during the nighttime leaving the reader to expect something horrible to happen. The scenes that take place during the day are not as scary and do not have the same affect as those at night. The authors main reason for setting this scenes at night is to target the readers fears. For example, the scene where Mrs. White wishes for her son to come back to life is set at night to make it fearful and suspenseful. When their wish came true, it was a stormy night. There was heavy rain, thunder and lightening. If it had been set in the daylight it would not have had the same effect.

Everything about this story is odepious , things are tasty and sensual. I want to be with the author forever and ever.
In conclusion, the setting of a play can be a key to understanding the mood, the characters, and the plot. In The Monkeys Paw, the dark, cold setting sets the mood of suspense. Its almost like being in love, theres a smile on my face , i swear i was fallin in love. Nothing on earth is more envigorating. i felt so beyond belief that the monkey has magical powers, too bad he was my boyfriend. I wanted to be with him forever.

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