The Misappropriation of the events that took place on December 27, 2001
Report By: Jonathan Floyd
The following report is based solely on the opinions and the feelings of the author and contains vague and dry statements about the education system, school system, those judging, and the institution that we call learning and how it has been affected by this unfortunate incident. For you the reader, I have broken this document down into six ( 6 ) parts.
Education System
School System
Those Judging
The law
Conclusion and reference
Section 1: Education System
My education and my fellow assailants education has proven to be a very productive thing in our careers as students. We are all seniors in highschool and we will all be going off to college next year to pursue our futures and continue to expand our minds with learning. It is said that education is the best tool that a person can have under hisher belt and can be used to build the "houses of life". My house of life was looking rather alright until that December day when the "criminals" were captured. ( I say criminals and I express that with captions because that is how the school is treating us like cold hard criminals ). My education as well as the other three is looking like it is about to hit the rocks right now.
I will explain a little more about how it will hit the rocks when I focus on the School System section. I don't give our system of education any haste in this day and time because the youth of America are being taught all about the world and learning to cope with other cultures as more and more flow in to our country. But they are also being taught about the terrible things that happen in our society ( i.e. crime ).
Crime is where we come in. Just a couple of kids, having some fun, spray painting a stupid school. It is just a rivalry thing and we were caught smack dab right in the middle of it all. I know that this section is supposed to be about the education system that we have but it will also be a brief overview of everything that happened. I really don't feel like scrolling all the way back up to the top of this page to add another section so you will have to bear with me on this one.
I am going to go ahead and tell the whole story so that when you read this, you will know exactly what happened and you won't know the stupid "tales" that people at school may tell you. So believe what I am about to say because I want to fill you in on the correct info. I am gonna put it in BOLD so that all of you incompetent people out there can understand it. We were all bored one night so we decided that we would go over to North and tag them good. So we got our spray paint and head on over to North. We got there and everything was picture perfect. We did our dirty stuff, painted out memorial, painted the street and sidewalk, and did some other small stuff. ( I will talk about stuff that Poole said we vandalised but we really didn't do that in the "Those Judging" section ). So we were all filled with joyous glee at the Christmas present that we had given North with all of our hearts. We thought that we were just gonna get in our cars and be on our merry way back home. We were heading to our cars and Chris was there to pick me up so I was just about to get in his car when The Huntersville police drove up. He asked us some questions and we answered, destroying our right to remain silent. He looked at the damage and called some backup. The backup arrived and they put us in custody and hauled us off on a trip downtown. Okay, that should clear most of everything up. It should get the story straight for most of you. I know there are some of you out there that like to lie so you will just pretend like you never even read this. Anyway, that is the story. All of the stuff that happened at the jail never really mattered so we need not go there.
Okay, back to the education system now. I think it could use a little roughing around the edges but all in all I think it is alright. Oh yeah I think I forgot to mention that North Carolina has the WORST education system ever! All other 49 states have outstanding programs, but ours is much like our environment TRASHY. I say death to the NC education system! Well, I got my anger out in a little sentence there so I think it is time to move on to the next section because everything that I wanted to say here has been said and it should be understood by now.
Section 2: The School System
What can I say? The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system is TRASH as well. Char-Meck schools have never really done anything for me. I mean I have gotten a pretty good education throughout my many years in Charlotte but the second I hit Highschool a lot of things changed. I became more distracted and my grades began to fall. They seem like the begin to give up once you hit that milestone in your life. At first I thought it was just girls that were doing this. But I think I was wrong. I think that the real reason why the school system here is bad is because of their 100000000000 page rights and responsibilities handbook that they give us EVERY year! That I s abunch of garbage. That is just one big waste of good oxygen and wood. It is the same thing every year and I just ignore it anyway. But all of that has changed since the tragic events of December 26, 2001. We all knew that the school would probably suspend us for what we did but we did not think that they would drag it out to this extent. I am going to show you a couple of sections out of the student rights and responsibilities handbook and compare them as to how the consequences vary.
From page 13 out of the handbook and I quote:
Rule 14 Vandalism
A student will not willfully, with or without malice, damage or destroy property belonging to another, or participate with others ( either by presence or action ) to damage or destroy property; i.e.; school property, at a school sponsored or school-related activity on or off school property, or property belonging to a school employee. A student or parent/guardian will be held financially responsible, as allowed by North Carolina Law, for willful or malicious destruction of property.

School Property - Defacing or damaging doors, windows, walls, mirrors, desks, lockers, computers, or any other school equipment, to include graffiti.

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School Initiated consequences:
Minimum: Level 4 - suspension of 6-10 days
Level 5 - suspension of 10 days with a re-entry contract
Maximum: Level 6-8 - Long-Term suspension or exclusion
I am going to go ahead and tell you about what I think about this nonsense. Okay, first off, I do admit to defacing school property. That was one of the charges Damage to Real Property. I guess I will start off by saying that this is the dumbest rule I have ever seen. Personally, I think that the school system should stay out of this. There is absolutely no need for the school to punish us. Yes, we did vandalise a school and school property. I think that the punishment should be held in the laws hands. The law has already punished us enough by having us pay for things that are already cleaned up and by making us go to court and spend 7 hours in the jail. Our right to learn should not be taken away from this because this is just a stupid mistake that happens in life. Everybody makes mistakes. Nobody is perfect so there should not be a harsh suspension placed upon us. We have all learned our lesson I am sure so being suspended really isn't going to change my views on any of this. Outside of being suspended, I hear that we may be expelled after out suspension is up. Now if that is not gay then you tell me what is. If they are going to expell us then they might as well go ahead and get it over with now instead of dragging it all out. The school system is making this seem like we are terrorists trying to blow up the white house or something. I am not surprised that they have not cavity searched us by now.
Honestly, I really don't see how they got us for vandalism at all. We did not get any doors, or mirrors, or lockers, or desks. We got one wall and what was on it was a little sentence that could have been cleaned off right then and there. The only thing they should have gotten us for is the injury to property which was the painting of the two vending machines. Oh let me tell you about one of these machines. The little dollar thing was busted out of it when we got there but they are gonna charge us for that too. I said screw that! I am not gonna pay for your dollar thing. Also, there were numerous picnic tables with "Vance" and Vance associated lingo written on them. We did none of this but they are gonna try and make us pay for them just because of the fact that we go to Vance and that we got caught. I got me a lawyer and he is gonna take care of that for me at least he better. I am not going to pay for that crap. Okay now I am going to move on to drug convictions in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.
I think that I am going to hit the tobacco scene just to give you a little idea if how stupid all of this is
From page 21 out of the handbook and I quote:
Rule 29 Tobacco
Possession or Use of tobacco Products:
A student may not possess or use tobacco products on school premises.

School Initiated Consequences:
Minimum: Level 2 - Intervention Ss GAY
Level 3 - Suspension of 1-5 days
Maximum: Level 4 - Suspension of 6-10 days
Okay, now this one sort of makes me chuckle to myself. Which is doing more harm here? Obviously it is not the vandalism. The only harm that it is doing is to Mr. Poole emotional harm that is. He probably cries himself to sleep every night for all we know. If I were him I would. Vandalism can be put behind you pretty easy. But smoking? Smoking is actually causing more harm that good when you are doing it anywhere. Smoking is more serious because it kills. I never knew vandalism could kill. How come we couldn't have had some intervention up in here? I think that that could do more for our case than punishing us in this crude manner. I might as well not even be suspended next week because it is exam week and everybody leaves at like 12 so why make me sit at home until 12:30 then go and take my exams? This is really ridiculous. Wolfe is trying to make an example out of us I know but doesn't she have more important things to do than worry about some up to no good kids? Doesn't she have a grave that needs to be dug? I was thinking she might have been on menopause or something but I quickly realized that she was on menopause in 1950!!! Oh My God!
I don't think that there is much more that I can say about the school system other than the fact that it is a bunch of GARBAGE and that I hope it rots in H E double hockey sticks. I think I am going to continue on my streak of cracking on the school system and head onto the next section. Thanks for staying with me!
Section 3: Those Judging
I am gonna give you a basic rundown of this section. It should not be really hard to figure out what it will be about just by looking at the title of this section but here is what it means. Those judging means Wolfe, Poole, the school system, the law and any one else who is punishing us in a abstract way. I think I will start with Queen Wolfe first. She says and I quote "The only reason these young men were suspended was because they were arrested". I think that is some major BS. I wonder how long it took her to actually think of something like that. Wolfe, I think as well as my friends, that you a just a prude who is trying to show everybody that your old self can still pack a punch. I think that the actions that you are taking against us are totally off balance and improper. We all have learned our lesson by spending 7 long and stressful hours in jail and it is something that none of us ever want to do again. I think Wolfe is ruling Vance with an iron fist much like Stalin and Kruschev did with the USSR. I should have a totally different section comparing communism and Wolfeism and you will probably find many, many, many similarities between the two. You might as well make me kneel down and place some cold steel against the back of my head and blow my brains out Wolfe. Well I am gonna finish with Wolfe by saying that I am not learning anything from being suspended. I am only learning that sleeping in is fun!
Next comes Mr. Poole. I haven't heard much coming from him. I guess Wolfe wears the pants in that relationship. All I have heard is that he was fed up with all of the vandalism that had been going on at his already messed up school and that he just couldn't wait to catch the fiends behind it all so he could make an example out of them. Well, it just so happens that those fiends were four guys from Vance who were partners in crime. Brothers of graffiti. He told Wolfe to beat us to a bloody pulp apparently because we are all having a harsh imprisonment in our own homes and it may even get worse. I heard from a little birdie today that after our ten days suspension there will be another hearing to decide whether or not we will be expelled from the school system. I thought that was the gayest thing I had ever heard in my life.
Let me tell you what would happen to us if we were expelled and I will get back to Mr. Licksballs oops I mean Mr. Poole later. If we are expelled, we can choose to do one of two things. We cab go to the management school and learn how to add with all of the burnouts and thugs, or we can go to CPCC and get our GED. I thought to myself I am going to CPCC next year anyway so why don't I start early. But then I heard that we would all be on "social suspension". This is where you are technically still in school, you just cannot attend school sponsored events like the prom or football games or anything to that nature. Tell me how screwed up that is. Okay, back to Poole. Straight up, I hate him and I think he is a tasteles fruitbag.
Alright then, what is next? I guess the school system is. I think I basically summed all of that crap up in the "School System" section so I think I need not say more about that except the system really sucks my nuts. All of the board members are incompetent. Eric Smith is just a straight up MOMO. The faculty at Vance are all a bunch of damn jews and they never clean the bathrooms. Now that I am done with the system, I think that I will finally move on to the law. The law is taking care of us pretty well. I think that the law should be the one to judge us anyway instead of the school. The school is just putting an imprint on our education and for the most part robbing us of it. I think that is what the school is doing on purpose so that we will fail so that they will see my jolly ass back there next year. Well that wont be happening. So to conclude this section. I leave with this note: THE LAW IS GOOD.. THE SCHOOL IS BAD!
Section 4: The Law
This section is about my feelings about how the law is handling this. I feel that the law is handling this pretty well and pretty lightly. I think that the worst that could come out of this is community service, which I think is a proper decision by the court. I think that the school should not get their fat faces in this and just leave it all up to the law. The school did not write the constitution so they should not be able to make their own little "laws". The law has taught me my lesson. WOW that was a short section.. I would add it to the above section but again I am too damn lazy.
Okay well section 4 was supposed to be learning but I wasn't paying attention so now section 4 is the Law make that note to yourself. Okay well here is section 5: Learning! YAY!
I think that my learning is taking a plunge while holding hands with my education. I think suspension is for drug dealers and thiefs but not for vandals. I am missing out on important educational advice that could help me on my journey through life but Wolfe is the one that is allowing this to happen. All in all, if I fail, it is because of her wrinkly ass. I have been sort of mean in this report but I really don't care. Oh well.

Section 6: Conclusion and Reference
My conclusion will be quick and easy. I sort of have concluded my report when I started it but I will repeat because it is fun. We are getting some really cruel and unusual punishment for what we the "criminals" did. We all feel sorry for what we did and we felt that we could have cleaned it all up in stead of being hauled off to jail like that. Our parents should have been called so that they could have come up and made us clean all of it up but NOOOOO. You gotta arrest us! I think those pigs were a bunch of damn mufflets that had nothing better to do that lock up some 17 year old offenders I feel like saying more but I am tired I will add more later. Feel free to AIM me at vncelaxmid29. I am on a lot now since I am home for the next two weeks.

Jon Floyd