Through its research team, the Marketing Department of A. Zorbas and Sons ltd is currying out various studies in order to realize what the various customer's needs are, regarding new shops and new products. The results of these studies are taken under serious consideration for the future development of products as also for the future expansion of the Company. From a survey like this, it was realized that the customers of the Company were looking for a new series of products that they were not able to find at the local market.

The people were asking for a product that is "healthy" and able to help certain kinds of diseases to be extinguished. For example, a product that through its consumption will prevent high blood pressure or high cholesterol! Under these circumstances, and under the global general though of "returning back to the traditional types of products that are healthier", the Marketing Department Manager took the decision of raising the issue to the Research and Development, Production and Sale Departments.

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The Research and Development team got in contact with the Dossche Mills & Bakery N. V. , which they suggest their ARTIPAN series products. After extended research and tests the new series of products were launched at the July of 2004. The new products are three (3): the "Physics", the "Protection" and the "Vitalis". Each of these three products is able to help the buying customers to eliminate various health problems that they face.

For example, the "Protection" type bread is able to keep the blood pressure at normal levels. This is achieved through its eliminated salt content. The high concentration of natural proteins of soy beans acts as a protector for the heart. The product is something new at the market. There is no other product like this available at the market. No other at the past tried to launch a product of the same concept. The only available products that can be considered that are of the same concept are the "whole.