1. Assignment introduction In this piece of paper, I will analyze the marketing activities of Caravelle hotel – one of the biggest 5 star hotel in Vietnam, using the 7Ps’ model. The assignment will include the introduction about the hotel, the literature study, the 7Ps analysis, the conclusion and some recommendations for their marketing activities. 1. The hotel introduction Carravelle is one of the top 5-star-hotel in Ho Chi Minh city (former name was Saigon), Vietnam, which is located right in the city center. Opened in 1959, Carravelle has a long parallel history with the city during Vietnam-war. Nowadays, Carravelle is the favorite destination of Vietnamese who live abroad or foreigners who want to know more about the story of Saigon.

From the French architecture, in 1988 the Caravelle was renovated into a luxury and modern hotel, where was the destination for the former president of the United States – Bill Clinton, the princess Anne of United Kingdom, the president of South Africa – Thabo Mbeki, Pierre Cardin or famous actors like Michael Caine, Brendan Fraser and other celebrities. Moreover, in the last 20 years, the Caravelle had received many tittles and prices like “The best hotel for businessman in Ho Chi Minh city”, “The best hotel in Asia for holding events”, “100 best luxury hotels in the world in 2006” or “The best hotel of Vietnam in 2007”, etc..

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1. Target segment We can point out the target segment of Caravella hotel is the people who are businessman, mostly foreigners with high salary (>3000 USD) and will stay in the hotel from 1 to 3 days. They travelled a lot and have their high requirement and deserved to have the best service during their stay. Marketing mix analysis of Caravelle hotel based on the 7Ps’ model 1. Product – Service in the hotel Being one of the best hotels in Vietnam, nowadays, Caravelle is one of the best 25 hotels in Asia[1], so, what makes the fame and truth in Caravelle from their customers? The answer would be their fully perfect service with the most modern and convenient for the customers during their stay.

The target segment of Caravelle is the group of people who can pay for the product but they have a high requirement, then the quality of service must be outstanding. Caravelle divides their products into 2 groups: the first one is “VIP rooms” on Signature floors (for VIPs) and the other one is “Deluxe rooms” (not on the Signature floors, for normal businessman). These 2 types of rooms can adapt basic requirements that are: secure for resting, working and entertaining with some similar necessary services:

1. Securities guard 24/24 2. Rooms services 24/24 3. High-standard laundry service Customers not only enjoy direct services when renting a room but also can use other services like gym, swimming pool, conference room (for 700 guests at the same time). 1. Prices Time for checking in is 14:00 (2pm) and checking out is 12:00. The price is in the USD with 5% service fee and 10% of VAT. Extra fees are between $45 and $75. The real location of the hotel has an irreplaceable in distribution channels, this is where customers book their rooms, and this is also the only place where they can use those services provided by the hotel. Therefore, a good location can catch customers’ attention and help them with their decision.

The hotel located right in the central of Ho Chi Minh city – the biggest city of Vietnam with many historical sites, shopping malls, bars, clubs, economic and trading centers of this city, which is just 8km from the Tan Son Nhat International airport. Therefore, during their stay in Caravelle, customers can be satisfied with all needs from shopping, entertaining, travelling or working. 1. Website http://www.caravellehotel.com Website is where customers can book their rooms quickly and convenient, therefore, the design of website must attractive and friendly with the user is one of the most important factors.

The website of Caravelle has 3 languages for their main customers: English, Vietnamese and Japanese. Moreover, the appearance and content of website was rated as 5/10 by Google based on the convenience and effectively for the user. 1. Social network Facebook and Twitter are two of most popular social networks in Vietnam and all over the world. Therefore, Caravelle used them as a channel to exchange information with their consumers. By using this way, costumer can find news about the hotels as well as giving their feedbacks about for the service at the hotel.

1. Promotion 1. Commercial on media networks One of the most effect tools to bring the hotel’s image closer to people in the society both in Vietnam and all over the world is using online marketing. By appearing on all websites, blogs or forums about travel and tourism, as well as online booking pages (for examples: thodia.vn, vinaboooking.vn, agoda.vn, etc…) Caravelle is now well-known with either Vietnamese people or foreigners.

1. Public relation activities Knowing the psychology of majority when there is a president or celebrity come to stay in one hotel, it means that the hotel has good service and very famous, therefore, Caravelle have been use a lot of relationships, conveniences and service qualities to have many famous customers like president of the US, New Zealand, Chile or celebrities like Michael Caine and Brendan Fraser. They also take part in in many activities like the Earth hour, or 3R campaign for a good image of an environmental friendly hotel with excellent services.

1. Customer relation Since 2010, the hotel started the customer care program named: “Caravelle Heritage club membership” for their frequent guests and had a lot of participants. After becoming the member of Caravelle Heritage club, those customers can have bunches of benefits from the club like: having checking in time before 11:00 am and the checking out time can be extended until 16:00 (4pm); free domestic calls; free voucher for dinner on their birthdays, etc With the strong development of social networks, Caravelle should remain and develop their social networks’ channels (Facebook fanpage or Twitter account) and pay attention to synchronize the language for their customers.

Promotion Even the hotel has a big investment in the website (www.caravellehotel.com) and it can be said that is one of the most successful website about the professional, the hotel is not really focus on promoting activities for the website while one of the most effectively way is using the Google AdWords. While searching for the keyword “hotel” using http://www.google.com.vn, we cannot see Caravelle on the first page, but other competitors like Sotifel, New World or Hotel Continential, etc… Similarity, while searching for “Hotel in Ho Chi Minh city”, we also could not see Caravelle on the first page, but others competitors