The Legacy of Michael Jackson "Please go for your dreams. Whatever your ideals, you can become whatever you want to become," Michael Jackson quotes. Allowing oneself to feel liberated In their works and to influence future generations was the driving force behind "The King of Pop. " The social and cultural impact of Michael Jackson's legacy has allowed current pop artists to show freedom of expression. From the time he began his career to his untimely death, Michael Jackson will be known as one of the best entertainers of all time.

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He is most noted for his exhilarating live concerts and performances that left his fans screaming for more. Michael Jackson set the standard for future super Bowl Halftime shows when he debuted in 1993 with his performance of 'Heal the World' where 3,500 local children participated In his uplifting message of love and humanity. In 1987, Jackson began his "Bad World Tour" listing 123 concerts in 15 countries and as a result became known as the biggest and most successful tour of all time. As Jackson set the standard for future artists to incorporate theatrics and expression in their performances. E always felt the responsibility to give his fans a show that appealed to their five senses. Not only were live performances a staple in the life of Jackson, but he Is well known for fundamental changes to the world of music video. He was a music pioneer who never stopped pushing for what he believed in. He fought for equality In race relations, ending global poverty, and the Incorporation of dance expression through his videos. The synergy that Jackson's "Thriller" and "Beat It" videos brought to the music culture was foreshadowed by racial prejudice until record sales reflected people's excitement about the "video virus. Thriller came about Just as MET was emerging and was his first big step towards his music video RA. "Jackson] made music videos that were movies and changed the genre of what a music video was. He was able to open that door at MET and now many black artists are able to walk though [that door]" (Martin, The King) Thanks to Jackson, music videos are less about the music, and more about the concept and presentation as a whole. More artists today use symbolism and metaphors to describe their thoughts and feelings in a way that is relevant to their audience because of Jackson's connection with his fans.

As Michael Jackson emerged into the music industry as a young boy, his work and dedication to the world of music was evident. He began his early music career as a member of The Jackson 5 sweeping the hearts of those who were enamored with his presence. He was known as the little, bouncy boy with an adorable little smile that was absolutely Kleenex(Montage). The charisma he displayed through his vocals and dance followed him through to his debut as a solo artist in 1971 As he grew into a young man, his creativity and Intensity as an artist was signified when his Thriller album debuted in 1982 selling over 120 million copies.

Not only did he have five number one singles on the Billboard 100, but he was now setting a new standard for true artists that seemed unattainable to most. Jackson exemplified what a true artist represented. He was not only a singer but also a composer, producer. 1 OFF oceanographer, Ana dancer Tanat Inspirer toner artists to De multi-marketable music legend accepted the responsibility to inspire future artists to spread the message of love and harmony through their music.

Jackson quoted, muff know, I always wanted to do music that influences and inspires each generation. Let's face it. Who wants mortality? I want to be immortal. I want what I create to live, and I give it all my work, because I want it to live forever"(Martin, Michael). As we reflect on the impact that Michael Jackson had on the pop music industry, his lasting legacy is represented in the ability for future artists to be free to express themselves without the fear of ridicule or prejudice.

Not only was freedom of expression represented through Jackson's lyrics and performances, but he was well versed in his fashion. His signature fashion statements included his red leather motorcycle Jacket that became iconic in his music video, "Beat It. " Also, he turned the white sequined glove into a new fashion staple for our youth in the sass's when he debuted its presence in the dramatic died, "Billie Jean. " Michaels signature dark sunglasses became a permanent accessory to his overall image as he was seen dodging paparazzi throughout his short lived life.

Current artists have continued to be inspired by this fashion icon because of his representation to express himself so freely. These artists owe a huge debt to Michael Jackson(Siegel). These artists include Lady Gaga, Usher, Chris Brown, Beyond, and many other noted artists. Another way the "Jackson 5 singer" would express himself was through the theatrics of dance. One of his most famous signature dance moves was "The Moonwalk". He first debuted this on a television special in 1983, and that walk alone is almost a legendary as Neil Armstrong's (Holt).

Just as we were enthralled with his signature dance moves, we were captivated by his presence in the advertising market. He served as a celebrity endorser for Pepsi in 1984 and became well known for his pyrotechnics commercial that resulted in second and third degree burns to his scalp. This controversial event served as one of Michaels darkest moments due to the physical and emotional trauma it left behind. This sparked his interests in pursuing cosmetic issues. Jackson felt if he was going to be a successful pop icon that physically he had to change with the times.... ND I think he found a way to shape his face and shape his clothing style and all those kind of things to try to change with the times(Martin, The King). Again, Jackson set higher standards for future performers to showcase their talents to their fans in a way that represented they were showing personal growth over time. Fans of pop culture today demand no censorship and the ability to show freedom of expression. The most impressionable message of Michael Jackson's legacy is that of his usage of humanity among all races and religions.

He was dedicated to his social and cultural causes that were reflected in his charity work. He is most noted for his presence and endorsement in the renowned song and video of "We Are The World. " This number one hit raised over $60 million dollars for victims of famine in Africa. Another noted cause was Elizabeth Tailor's AIDS Foundation, which he firmly supported as a humanitarian to advocate for the sick and ridiculed. Just as Michael knew the morale responsibility he had to his fans, he had hoped his humanitarian efforts would be paid forward by other artists as well.

Although there was speculation of his morality by those in the pop culture and media, he was unfairly recalled Decease AT Nils Testily sconces. HIS marriage to Elvis Presley gaunter, Lisa, in 1995 was short lived and thought to be concocted. His controversial child- rearing tactics of dangling his son, Blanket, over a balcony from his high rise apartment in Brighton was also damaging to his credibility as a parent. Lastly, his physical transformation from a man of African American heritage to a man who appeared to look transparent was boggling to the pop culture.

As a result, social Edie unfairly ridiculed Jackson as a disturbed man who was seeking social acceptance as a human being and not only being remembered as a music icon. This inner harmony that Jackson so deeply yearned for was displayed through his message of world peace and equality in the works he displayed. Lady Gaga is a current artist who was influenced by Michaels message of equality. She currently advocates for the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender community. This freedom to express one's views equates to inner peace was the overall message that Michael had hoped it would bear to fruit.