The Jordan Rules by Sam Smith The book The Jordan Rules, written by Sam Smith, was a biography about the year Micheal Jordan led the Bulls to win the National Basketball Association Championship. The Jordan Rules talks a lot about the tough road that the Chicago Bulls had on their way to a championship. Jordan might not be all the superstar that everyone says he really is according to Sam Smith. The Jordan Rules describes the season and goes into depth in the relationships that Micheal Jordan had with the rest of his teammates. nineteen-ninety was finally the year that the Bulls would shine.

That was Jordan's dream before he retired: to win the National Championship, and he did! The Bulls had a long schedule in the 90-91 year, away games, long road trips, and back to back nights. Despite all of the hard times the Bulls went through as a team they pulled through with it. Although there was some other obstacles along the way such as Jordan's inability to get along with all of the teammates. It is recorded that in one practice session Bill Cartwright was hit in the face by Micheal Jordan. They were in a disagreement as to if Micheal distributes the ball to the "bigmen" enough.

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Sam Smith also says that Jordan is known throughout the Bull's organization for not getting along very good with fellow players. Even with all of the problems inside the club they still looked good on the court and were good enough to win. The Jordan Rules did a very good job of describing a whole year of basketball in one book. It had good, in depth, logs of exactly what the players do on off days and before their games. Although it tells that Jordan was very involved with community service he had problems with the ballclub.

He led the team to victory and he got what he wanted, a championship.Micheal Jordan is still the superstar to me that I have always thought he is. The book did not change any feelings I have for him, although I do have more pity on the other Bulls players though. I liked the book and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in basketball. I doubted some of the things in the book such as Jordan hitting Cartwright, but other than that it was very good.