The internet is virtually a source of any kind of information. Today's people have an undeniable source of these sources of information just by a click away on their computers as long as they are connected to the World Wide Web. This paper will examine how the internet has resulted to a generation of lazy people. The thesis statement for this paper will be that due to the internet, a whole lot of people have become lazy by only clicking their mouse and finding the information that they need which they could otherwise have 'struggled' to find.The popularity of the internet in the recent past has grown into a totally new phenomenon. The information superhighway, as the internet is called, has had almost everyone getting accustomed to using the internet. Since the introduction of the internet a few years ago, people have been trying to find how they can use the internet for their different purposes. Since then, the internet technology has grown in leaps and bounds. It has given people unrestricted access to information, different products and services (Cortwell N. 2009)Through the internet, a large group of millions of computers around the world are interconnected to one another either by phone lines, fiber optic cables, coaxial cables, satellites or wireless connections. Just by logging in to the internet, one can access information on the interconnected computers around the world and by using search engines like Google, any kind of information needed can be accessed just by searching that particular information (Cortwell N. 2009) Instead of going to the library to look through rows of books and encyclopedia for the correct information, the answers are obtained through Google in few seconds making the youth lazy in searching for this knowledge from dependable sources. Blogs, Twitter and Facebook are some of the outlets used by these youths to share out the information like news about earthquakes in various places of the world. This allows youths to access information every time they communicate. This reliance on instant gratification and ability to get information at speed of thought is dumping down the youth. Instead of the youth keeping the information in their heads for a long period, they access the information and dumb it without understanding it since they are aware of where they can retrieve it from. This failure by the youth to retain the information is making the youth to be lazy. This makes them even to forget the spelling of some terminologies which they opt to find from the internet like Google web rather than from the dictionary. This results in laziness to the youth (Josh Pierce) Sharing of this information brings about dumped down language of the internet culture. Instead fully typing the word correctly, most youth decide use short hand skills, in which words like LOL represent the words lots of love among many other forms. This has affected the language as well as the way the youth talk resulting in not only dumber but also racier youthsome students do research for their paper by downloading the article and give it to their teachers. They no longer want to think because they can find any information on the net. They download and more people are developing this kind of attitude as they depend on the internet for almost anything that they need. The youth do not want to do any actual work because it's difficult hence they to depend on the internet for everything for them have more free time to waste (Kyle M. 2006).This over dependence on internet is not healthy attitude for the youth to develop as internet was innovated to make things easier and more convenient so that we could do more, not less as the youth are doing. Technology should allow the youth to increase their productivity rather than decreasing. Internet technology will continue to get better regardless of it being misused by the youth.

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