Corruption of the Technological Generation Lee Siegel has written four books and the e-book Harvard is Burning. He is also the author of the article "The Kids Aren't Alright: The perils of parenting in the digital age. " Siegel is making a statement that the hiatus between new and old generations has become filled with a child's insolence of technology. The advancement of the Internet is trapping young children, teenagers, and even some adults at a rapid pace; excluding them from the rest of the world and doing more harm than good. Restrictions and regulations for the Internet protection have become Increasingly overlooked.

The Federal Trade Commission is beginning to build on the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. Blindly teaming up with worrying mothers such as Vicki Turner. Vicki Turner is a working mom with three kids. She supervises them while they are online; giving her children advice about posting certain pictures, as well as saying certain things. Turner also monitors whom her children befriend on social networks. Now, Turner's anxiety has increased because of Mark Seersucker's new decision to pen Faceable to children thirteen and under. Ultimately, Seersucker's plan has been deemed as a plot Just to increase his own monetary funds. Faceable proposed another scheme to the Federal Trade Commission that will take away the prohibition of collecting Information from children. Although, Federal Trade Commission are not pleased with the changes, they have decided that the futuristic technology has let the online children protection laws fall. At the present, callow applications are selling out the innocence of young souls, preventing them from having any type of online security.

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Even though parental guardians are anxious to receive the new constrictions from the Federal Trade Commission, the actual revisions will do little to alter the current Internet environment. Instead of parents worrying about their children's whereabouts out of the house, they should be perturbing over the harm the can be done through technology. Damage Is a long spectrum of spoils that a child can come into contact with on the worldwide web such as the peer pressure to constantly update statuses.

Kids are subconsciously pushed to be social with others before they even have the proper skills. Growing up in the real world provides a variety of Fenton authenticity, while the Internet only offers a single option of diversion. The breach between generations Is now filled by the drivel of technology. It has been proven that children spend at least four hours detached from the world a day on social networks. Parents are becoming concerned about the paths their kids will take in the future. Young adults are also voicing their opinion about what they are exposed to online.

On multiple occasions teenagers are the victims of their parents engaging in stubbing sites and even hauling the whole family half way across the country to meet a total stranger. Children coping with habituated parents can feel easily left out which in the end is hurting themselves. A study proves that the internet is hindering the development of kid's abilities, for example: social skills, interpersonal skills, multiple intelligences. Technology, especially the Internet, is such an instant stimulation that children often have no room for downtime.

The biggest effect is the corruption of personality due to the reek in confidentiality is a communal calamity causing an entire cohort to be failed. The Internet may play a great part in thwarting upcoming generations, but the blame cannot be put entirely on it. Parents have also disenchanted their own children by not paying close enough attention and keeping a firm grasp on them. Guardians should achieve their traditional part as protectors. While the Internet is being worked on, all parents can do now give their children a warning and hope that they will be safe on their own.