Whatever you do whether big or small, you learn something from it. Today's modernized version of the internet is not only a toy to entertain those who are bored; it has moved on to become one of the most important tools of gaining knowledge about the world. One of the most Important uses of the Internet In the new millennium Is Its use In research. Don't know the meaning of a word in you textbook or a new phrase you heard, go onto the internet and find out what it means. It has become as simple as learning A B C.

The internet has grown so popular in the last decade that teachers have started using it in school to support the traditional style of teaching from books. Research done on the internet allows us access to the newest information and up-to- date developments In any field possible. It enables us to keep In touch with the latest happenings all around the world within minutes or hours of Its occurrence. Powerful search engines like Google and Yahoo enable us to look for a single word or phrase in its relevant context from millions of web-pages.

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The internet has become the primary source of information for most school and university students writing papers or simply studying. Apart from passive secondary research, the Internet also allows communication between Individuals living on the two opposite ends of the world. Interaction between people is made easier through the large number of forums, chat rooms and messenger services available. This constant flow of information from one continent to another further enhances the learning that we all gain.

The anonymity that the internet offers allows unknown people to understand each other on the basis of who they are rather than what they look like. Intercultural awareness In heightened, as people stop Judging others on face value, Delimitation and racism begin to take a backseat while religious and cultural tolerance is the name of the game today. A lot of times important urgent information can be disseminated immediately through the internet. For example during the CARS scare in 2001, and the recent Bird

Flu epidemic, latest developments in the cure for this disease and precautions which can be taken were relayed throughout the world. Awareness of the Important continents. There has been in recent years a boom in the number of online universities. These allow children in remote places who may not have access to a proper university to complete their education through various online portals. The internet has slowly become a necessity in our life. We may not realize it but we ourselves are hopelessly dependent on it.