The Internet

The Internet is a place with an infinite of possibilities. It is the biggest technological breakthrough ever created. The Internet symbolizes freedom. It is uncensored and unregulated by the government. And that is hard to come by these days. With the Internet anything is possible. From chatting live with a friend, or buying stocks in a company.

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Before using the Internet, one needs the materials. First, a computer is an absolute necessity. Second, a phone line or cable hookup is needed to connect to the Internet. Finally, an Internet Service Provider is a must have.

The Internet can be complex to new users. It will take some experience to be able to navigate the Internet efficiently. It is easy to get lost and it can be time consuming to find the web site you are looking for. So be patient and eventually surfing the web will become a lot easier.

The biggest use of the Internet these days is E-Commerce. E-Commerce is the buying and selling of goods over the Internet. There are thousands of web sites selling products over the Internet. Some are a lot cheaper than stores in ones neighborhood. All one needs is a credit card and they will deliver ones product to ones doorstep. My favorite places are WWW.ONSALE.COM and WWW.EBAY.COM.

The Internet has an unlimited amount of information. It is extremely useful for school research; also it is useful for researching products like a car, house, insurance, stocks, etc. Either way, the Internet is a virtual library with tons of useful information.

Searching for employment is very popular over the Internet. There are at least twenty different web sites that have employment classifieds. Also, many web sites have help wanted signs posted on their site. Now here is a great benefit with e-mail. With one click of the mouse, one can send their resume via e-mail directly to the employer.

A very important part of the Internet is the ability to control financial assets. First, most banks allow their users to download their bank statements. Second, Internet stock trading has allowed people to bypass expensive stockbrokers. Now investors can do it themselves at a fraction of the price that brokers charge. Third, buying affordable insurance is a lot easier with the Internet. One can research many different companies all over the country to find the best one for them. Finally, getting a loan at the lowest interest rate is possible with the Internet. Also, if someone could not get a loan from their bank, or other banks, in their neighborhood, they still have hope with many web sites that could accept them for a loan.

Today the Internet has so many various uses that one can have the choice of never even leaving their home. The Internet is without a doubt the new way of the future. Soon, even maybe schools will teach students over the Internet because of the growing violence in our schools today. Maybe even one day every person in every household will be using the Internet because it has become such an important part of our everyday lives.