Internet based computing technology and who understand that technology alone. Along with the times, the technology is also progressing towards achieving exceptional ease and comfort in performing dally activities that are considered Impossible can be done In a short time. Major countries in the world like as USA, Japan, and China continues competing to bring innovations in the world of technology development. The technology is currently the fastest development of Information technology and telecommunications, which presents a selection of forms of technology and sophistication.

Internet is one of the tangible evidence of the rapid developments in the field of information technology and telecommunications. The Internet carries an enormous Influence In people's life patterns of the world, especially the developed countries. Internet Is also called a world without limits because it Is truly global. Time and distance is no longer a problem to get information or give information. Although still lags behind Asian countries are more advanced, Internet development in Indonesia has shown significant progress. Overall, it can be said that the Internet Is till relatively new known by Indonesian people.

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Internet has become the Information center in the world. In fact, some people do not take advantage of the functions of the Internet. Some people have difficulty in finding information because of language All it requires each individual to be able to operate as a consequence of living in the internet era, this sophisticated. Internet as a medium of learning began to be applied to the world of education. Learners are taught about the operation of the Internet, the goal is to make the students familiar with his world, a world that does not stop he development of technology experience.