Technology is one of the most important things in today's society that everyone should understand how to use. Children as young as three years old can benefit from computer skills. This is one of the reason more schools are integrating technology into the classrooms. Many schools have incorporated technology into their curriculum so the children and teacher can benefit from many different ways of learning.

Some may be against young children using technology because one might hint children are too young and will not understand the concept of using technology. I believe there are many reasons why children should start at a young age and why it is important to have technology in the classrooms for young children. One of the reason it is important for technology to be in the classroom for young children because it helps with a child's language development. Language development are major strengths of technology use with young children through the opportunities and motivation it provides.

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Computer play encourages complex speech and the development of fluency (Davidson & Wright, 1994). Children often tend to narrative what they are doing by drawing pictures or moving objects on a screen. By using technology as far as a computer children will engage in a high level of spoken communication and also will be more cooperative, like taking turn with their peers and collaborating. Instead of using the old methods like building blocks or puzzle assembly using the computer elicits more social interactions.

When children properly use a computer and different software it can serve as a catalyst for social interaction related to a child's work. A classroom is set up to encourage interaction and the appropriate use of the technology will increase, not impair, language and literacy development. From experience working with the children at SHAPE Center last semester I learned new things every day Just by observing the way the children interacted with one another, and how the children collaborated as team.

Once the children at SHAPE Center finish their homework they were allowed to go to the computer room for free time and do different learning activities on the computer. There were two seats to every computer and in my mind I thought this was because there was not enough computer for all the children, but it as a way for the children to worked together. By putting two chairs in front of a computer it shows the children how to share, be more social, and active towards one another. This type of development shows children to work on their social skills by being able to communicating, playing and sharing different ideas with one another.

I was really impressed with the children on how well they were familiar with using the computers and these were very small children mostly in kindergarten, first and second grade. These children were very smart, and intelligent and knew how to use the computer effectively for they age. Cognitive development and Physical and Motor development also or more great factors that technology should be included in the classroom. In Cognitive development computer experienced promotes a greater knowledge of verbal and nonverbal skills, problem solving, and abstractions and conceptual skills as to children without computer skills (Hoagland, 1992).

Children that use manipulative and computer skills shows a sense of sophistication in logical thinking. Physical and Motor Development help with children fine and gross motor skills develop at varying rates. Learning to write can be very difficult for children but by learning how to use a imputer can allow the children to compose and revise text without being distracted by the letter formation. Including technology in the classroom can be motivating and allows the student to learn, communicate, and have a better understanding of how computers work.

According to (Saving-Chalk & Bialy, 1996) computers can enhance children's self-concept and improve their attitudes about learning. Not only will it help with a child self-concept but as well as their self-esteem. I believe children are more comfortable using computers as to Just using a pencil and paper, which is Just as important but not as effective as a computer. It gives the children a better feeling and excites them as well. Technology offers more ways to learn and to demonstrate learning. There are some children with unique learning styles and computer can reveal hidden strengths.

Another important reason why technology should be in the classroom is Digital imagery. Digital Imagery is one of the most exciting technological application for early childhood classrooms. Photography and video has been use to document children's learning and help them remember and reflect on their experiences. Video imagery has been described as a "tool of the mind" (Forman 1999, 1) that has the potential to alp children relive their experiences and process them in deeper, more focused, and more detailed ways.

Using digital imagery children will be able to look back and see themselves on camera and will be able to discuss the events with adults or other children expressing whatever they might have been writing about or drawing. Children love being on camera and love playing with cameras or any other digital imagery object. This is Just another way of children showing how to express themselves. In conclusion, technology is important to have in the classroom because it teaches the children varies ways of learning.

It help with all of the different developmental factors and gives the children a better understanding of things and a better understanding of each child. There is nothing more exciting than seeing a child willing to get on a computer to do all kinds of activities when it comes to learning. It builds a sense if confidence and empowerment. Everything is becoming more about technology every day and there is no other way than to start teaching children as young a kindergarten to use computers. This will make the classroom more fun and exciting for the children and also great for the teacher.