They are, in fact, not the same although they are very much related to each other. 1. What's Marketing - Advertising? Business marketing Is essentially the promotion of a company's products or services to a specific audience, or engaging In acts that Improve a company's name recognition and public goodwill. Marketing covers advertising, promotions, public relations, and sales. It is the process of introducing and promoting the product or service into the market and encourages sales from the buying public Advertising is the more generic promotion of a product or service to a less-specific segment of a target market.

Although advertising and marketing are not synonymous concepts, adding an ad component Into a marketing strategy Is a standard business practice. 2. In business Marketing and advertising is very Important. Why? Marketing Is a very important aspect in business since it contributes greatly to the success of the organization. Production and distribution depend largely on marketing. Many people think that sales and marketing are basically the same. These two concepts are different in many aspects. Marketing covers advertising, promotions, public relations, and sales.

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It Is the process of Introducing and promoting the product or service Into he market and encourages sales from the buying public. Sales refer to the act of buying or the actual transaction of customers purchasing the product or service. Since the goal of marketing is to make the product or service widely known and recognized to the market, marketers must be creative in their marketing activities. In this competitive nature of many businesses, getting the product noticed is not that easy. Strategically, the business must be centered on the customers more than the products.

Although good and quality products are also essential, the buying public still has their personal preferences. If you target more of their needs, they will come back again and again and even bring along recruits. If you push more on the product and disregard their wants and the benefits they can get, you will lose your customers in no time. The sad thing is that getting them back is the hardest part. Marketing Promotes Product Awareness to the Public service recognized by the market is the primary goal of marketing.

No business possibly ever thought of Just letting the people find out about the business themselves, unless you have already established a reputation in the industry. But if o are a start-out company, the only means to be made known is to advertise and promote. Your business may be spending on the advertising and promotional programs but the important thing is that product and company information is disseminated to the buying public. Various types of marketing approaches can be utilized by an organization. All forms of marketing promote product awareness to the market at large.

Offline and online marketing make it possible for the people to be educated with the various products and services that they can take advantage of. A company must invest in marketing so as not to miss the opportunity of being covered. If expense is to be considered, there are cost-effective marketing techniques a company can embark on such as pay-per-click ads and blobbing. Marketing Helps Boost Product Sales Apart from public awareness about a company's products and services, marketing helps boost sales and revenue growth.

Whatever your business is selling, it will generate sales once the public learns about your product through TV advertisements, radio commercials, newspaper ads, online ads, and other forms of marketing. The more people hear and see more of your advertisements, the more they will be interested to buy. If your company aims to increase the sales percentage and double the production, the marketing department must be able to come up with effective and strategic marketing plans. Marketing Builds Company Reputation In order to conquer the general market, marketers aim to create a brand name recognition or product recall.

This is a technique for the consumers to easily associate the brand name with the images, logo, or caption that they hear and see in the advertisements. For example, McDonald's is known for its arch design which attracts people and identifies the image as McDonald's. For some companies, building reputation to the public may take time but there are those who easily attract the people. With an established name in the industry, a business continues to grow and expand because more and more customers will purchase the products or take advantage of the services from a reputable company.

Marketing plays a very essential role in the success of a company. It educates people on the latest market trends, helps boost a company's sales and profit, and develops company reputation. But marketers must be creative and wise enough to promote their products with the proper marketing tactics. Although marketing is important, if it is not conducted and searched well, the company might Just be wasting on expenses and time on a failed marketing approach. 3.

The most effective advertising tools and techniques Internet Advertising Techniques Advertising in the sponsored links of major search engines, has become one of the most effective method of internet advertising. The reach of the internet has become so huge that every person in any nook and concern of the word can view the engine optimization techniques, wherein your website would be in the top 10 results of search engines. Getting to the first few rankings help you to get a wider audience, which in turn can lead to mare sales. Other forms include pay per click advertising and email advertising, which can also be tried out.

TV Advertising Techniques Advertising on the television gives a semblance of a brand, and so it's important that you use this medium to the hilt. However, it's not that without advertising in this medium, a brand would not be created; there are several companies which don't use this medium and still are huge. The most important thing is having a compelling offer, which the audience would be interested in. Moreover you need to give your contact information be it your website address, telephone number, in that short erred of time.

Print Advertising Techniques (Newspaper, Magazine, etc) Magazine and newspaper want to attract readers; you must print impression and floating on image, outstanding products or services compared to competitors. The title is the most important advertising -The title creates ideas or attracts readers -Used to impress color -Don't used to complicate words or Jargon -Advertising need to convince a customer -Advertising to focus on the image and the messenger -Consistent to form -Make a difference with other companies Radio Advertising Techniques Radio become an important part of life.

It is entertainment tools, attract to listener while on the way, working.... Advantages: -Easy to change and Advertising content updates -Radio is personal -Radio support for newspaper and magazine advertising business Disadvantages: -Expensive advantages cost during peak hours Principles: -Attracted attention of radio listeners -Repeat important points Word-of-Mouth and Buzz as Advertising Techniques Word of mouth advertising is a positive marketing message from person to person. It can take place directly using the human voice, or can be transmitted via any communicative means such as through the internet or via text message.

Word of mouth is a powerful promotional tool and should be considered as part of almost every business marketing strategy. Positive Word of mouth usually results for a good brand experience and is spread by 'brand ambassadors. On the latest market trends, helps boost a company's sales and profit, and develops company reputation. But marketers must be creative and wise enough to promote their products with the proper marketing tactics. Although marketing is important, if it is not conducted and researched well, the company might Just be wasting on expenses and time on a failed marketing approach.