Some people think that computers and the Internet are more important for child's education than going to school. But others believe that school teachers are essential for children to learn effectively. Discuss both views and give your pollen. - No one can deny the Importance of computers and the Internet for children during their study progress. Although these means bring to users a large number of advantages, I believe that learning at school and interacting with teachers are much ore vital for children's learning.

It is true that students can get a variety of benefits from using effective computers and the Internet. To begin with, the Internet is the endless sources of knowledge including all areas, namely science, literature, math, etc. With only some simple movements, users can easily get all the needed information and use time to full potential. In addition to this, the Internet is the global forum for all of people around the world sharing thoughts, exchanging Ideas and gaining experience from others.

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Starting with one question, users can get lots of answers which can be accurate or not. Despite the above arguments, I still stand on the belief that teachers are much more essential than computers or the Internet for the promotion In study of a child. The first Issue Is that teachers are able to not only give them the vast of knowledge but also direct them how to face difficulties and to become good citizens. Another point is that lecturers in schools always observe clearly their students' learning process so that learners can handle problems with he assistance of their teachers.

Finally, teachers often give only one exact answer for such a question, which is different from the numerous equivocal responses we could get on the Internet. To sum up, a computer equipped with the Internet is one of the greatest inventions for human beings in discovering this amazing world. However, it cannot take place the Importance of school teachers to children. This is the reason why we still keep going to classes for learning and Just use computers as an effective device.