In the last few decades, technology has become extremely advanced. Although technology has many obvious benefits, this advancement in technology also comes with many negative effects. Today's technology is definitely having a negative impact on the live performing arts. Technology has taken its toll on the traditional stage performance shows. There are many different reasons as to why technology has had a very negative impact on the live performing arts. Movies and T. V. Shows have replaced these live performances.

Some of the reasons behind why technology has ad a negative impact on live performances is because movies have brought the sales revenue down for live performances, made the shows seem less exciting than the movies, and can be showed at different places at the same time while the live performances cannot. Technology has a negative impact on live performances because it has brought down the sales revenue or live performances by millions of dollars. Movies and television shows are much cheaper to watch. A movie can actually be watched online for free.

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Nettling has thousands of movies and television shows for only $7. 99 a month (Nettling ). A DVD can be bought for at the most $20 and watched over and over again. On the other hand, live performance shows are usually around $10, the price of a movie ticket. If one had the choice of choosing between a movie and a live performance, most would go for the movie since it has many cool technological effects. Watching a movie or television show online or on one's television is much cheaper than going to a live show. Also, it can be done with the press of a button while going to a show requires much more effort.

In today's world, the faster the better. This has caused the ivies and television shows to bring down the sales revenue for live performances. It has become extremely hard for actors and performers to make a living out the career. Therefore, less and less students each year major in the live performances because making a living out of it has become nearly impossible. One of the reasons that making a living out of live performances has become hard, is because there aren't nearly as many shows as there were back in the day making it harder to find a Job.

Also, when a performer does find a Job, it's not always the best paying Job out there. So many will choose something with a higher pay to compete in the ever growing economy. This has caused the sales revenue for live performances to go down because less and less people go watch the shows since there are many other options out there that are cheaper and more convenient such as an action movie that can be found online. Therefore, the technology has had a negative impact on live performances by bringing down the sales revenue for live performances.

Technology has come a long way in the last few years. Due to this advancement in technology, movie and television shows are able to create much better products. Directors and producers have such a big advantage over live performers because they are able to cut a scene whenever they feel like it. Also, they are able to use modern technology such as the green screen effect which makes the movies seem much more interesting and exciting than they really are (Green Technology 1).

Live performances are at a great disadvantage when it comes to using technology because although there have been a few technology advancements in the stage performances as well, such as a secret door at the bottom of the stage, the technology advancements in the movie and television industry are much greater and vive performances are easily overlooked due to this. Now some might say that movies and television shows Just do not have the same feel as going to watch a real live show. So the producers and directors found a solution to that also!

They invented AD movies, now consumers can watch movies with the advantage of the movies and their cool effects and still have the real feel of a show, it is a double win. Technology means many cooler effects such as AD movies, which makes people have high expectations of the live shows that Just simply cannot be met. For example: A viewer loud most likely pick watching Step up 3 in AD rather than watching The Nutcracker, for the same amount of money. Therefore, technology has had a negative impact on the live performing arts.

Another negative impact that technology has had on the live performance industry is that they can have many more shows. In live shows, they can only be performed at set curtain times. Movies however can be repeated at many different show times, even at 3 in the morning. Performers for the live performing arts cannot perform shows every hour in every part of the country at the same time but movies can finitely be played every hour in every part of the country at the same time.

Movies can be played at times such as 3:00 am while live performances cannot be played at such times for obvious reasons. This has brought in more consumers to the movie and television industry, which can be watched 2417 with the click of a button, and taken watchers away from the live show performances. Therefore, technology has had a negative impact on the live performing arts. Therefore, the technology advancements, however great they are, have had a definite negative impact on the live performing arts.