He envisioned a globally interconnected group of computers in different locations that loud be able to share, send and receive data from each other while accessing information on various websites. Likelier paved the way for the internet to become what it is today by his resilience and hard work running DARPA and stressing the importance of the networking concept. Although Likelier was the first of the pioneers of the internet Clockwork of MIT stressed the importance of using packets rather than circuits, which was a major step to furthering the computer networking system.

The main challenge for them was to make computers be able to communicate with one another. The first forms of computer communication was between Merrill and Roberts where they connected a computer in Massachusetts to the Q-32 in California (Liner 2014). They were able to successfully communicate using a low-speed dial up phone line. Although this was on such a small scale and not much information was sent this was the first real success or a computer network being developed.

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The success of this network being developed was the realization point for most researchers that this in fact was the future of communication, sending and receiving data, and research. This success also further proved that Clockwork was indeed right all along and the need for packet switching was confirmed in order to take the next necessary steps. The internet has made the lives of Just about every individual that much easier. Any information that needs to be sent or received can be done so with Just a click of a button. Along with any questions that may need to be answered or any research that needs to be done.

The internet is an amazing tool that has revolutionized technology and the way that we do things. Although there is plenty of good aspects of internet there are many negatives that go along with it. The internet is an extremely useful tool if not abused. With technology becoming more and more a part of our daily lives and routine the internet is playing a huge part in that as well. Cyber bullying is a huge and growing problem in schools today. The younger generation has grown up using the internet as its main tool of life. It is what television was for our generation except much worse.

Kids can send and receive the nastiest and meanest things about each other. And the problem with the internet is that once something is out there for the public to see it is out there forever. Kids don't realize the lasting impact that this types of bullying has on certain kids' lives. While some kids use the internet for bullying others are Just simply addicted to it. Some kids spend hours on hours a day surfing the web looking up useless information or playing games when they in reality should be outside exercising or reading a book.

Internet addiction is becoming a growing problem and when kids are able to only communicate through a computer screen and not during face to face interactions that's when it becomes a real big problem. Another huge negative aspect of the internet is security purposes. Some companies have been using the internet to store their company's data and information and records for years now but others are Just starting to do so. While having all of the information neatly organized online in files is convenient and fast and simple it is also very dangerous.

There are hundreds of examples of huge companies having all of their employee's personal information stolen and abused. Having all of your credit card information online is also very dangerous. Hackers are always going to be out their looking to steal anything from their identities, to money or Just simply mess with their lives. Identity theft is a complete inconvenience to the lives of whoever it happens. Speaking from personal experience I had an aunt who had thousands of dollars stolen along with her identity from shopping online.

While after time she was able to get reimbursed everything that was taken from her, it took months and was a very long and stressful process. Putting all of your personal information online can be very convenient at times but is also extremely risky. Hackers also only hack for their enjoyment and to make other people's lives difficult. Leaking information is their main goal and that ruins thousands of people's lives. Hospitals are also starting to become more electronic with their records which is making storing and sharing information between doctors and hospitals and patients much easier but at the same time a scary thought.

Having every person's medical records online for hackers to snoop into is a very dangerous. The future of the internet is only going to expand and expand rapidly. Technology is growing and becoming more a part of our lives by the day. The internet is available almost anytime, anywhere. Most phones are equipped with the ability to search, send or receive data at all times of the day. And with the way that most people are addicted to their phones, that means all these possibilities are attached to them at all times of the day.

Sharing information over the internet will become so apart of our daily lives it will be virtually invisible. It will become almost like second nature to Just be able to search anything at any second of the day by Just whipping our smart phones out of our pockets. Another negative might arise between the haves and have-onto which may result in resentments or even possible violence. With all of the negatives what the future holds for the internet there are certainly some positive aspects of it. It allows people all over the world to be able to communicate within seconds.

As other societies become more familiar with the internet it's going to enhance global connectivity which will improve relationships between different cultures. Other positive parts are that as more things are posted around the world people will become connected and more aware of the things going on in other cultures. In my opinion I also feel as if it brings more peaceful protest and peace to governments because any negative decisions made ill be spread and ridiculed within minutes after they happen with how the internet works. Another huge positive aspect of the internet is education.

It will increase the amount of people trying to get an education because an education online is much easier for single parents or extremely busy people. It will also save people a lot of money and time earning their education online further enhancing their abilities to strive in life. In my personal opinion the future of the internet is limitless. It is only going to continue to grow and become a bigger part of the daily lives of every person who uses it. There are many negatives and dangerous aspects to the internet but in my personal opinion the positives out way the negatives by a landslide.