To her first hearing
Where was Corrie heading at the beginning of chapter 11?
the man assigned to her for her hearing
who was lieutenant rahms
because of the wilted tulips that were once beautiful and she hoped this man would have a soft side
why did corrie want to go to hut four
the reading of the will
what did the lieutenant arrange for corrie and her family
it was a miracle
why didn't the new matron find corries bible
she was walking up the middle of the street and was captured
what happened to mary itallie
the fourth day
what day did the jews get out of the hiding place
in jesus
where was a corries hiding place
the allies were moving further toward germany
why were the prisoners being forced to move
happily corrie found ____ in the crowd
corrie and bestie were taken to a prison camp called _____
being released
what unexpected joy did corrie and betsie think they were receiving
they were for people who failed to cooperate and they were living hell
describe the bunkers
teaching people to love
what was betsie excited about doing everyday
betsie sewed uniforms for the prisoners and corrie made radio components for the german fighter planes
describe betsie and corries new jobs
about the man who asked for 600 guilders and how his name was jan vogel and how he had betrayed his country
what news did betsie tell corrie that made corrie so angry
she realized she was just as guilty as him since she wanted him to die
what caused corrie to get over her anger
it was their six month of imprisonment which was typically the max for ration card offenders
why was september 1st so important to corrie
they sent their kids away so they wouldn't have to come to a concentration camp and her baby died four hours after birth and she gives all of her food to her husband who has tuberculosis
describe the floors family
ops being in heaven because he would have suffered much more
packed in a car what are corrie and betsie thankful for
to germany
where were corrie and betsie taken
something to drink
what was the single obsession of the women on the way to ravensbruck
beneath the benches
where did corrie hide the sweater,bible, and vitamins
Corrie wasnt touched when the soldiers were patting down the women
what miracle occurred after the shower room
to spread the good news
corrie and betsie realized why they were in hell what was the reason
the not necessary medical inspection
what happened on fridays
they were located next to the punishment barracks and fleas and tight space
what were some of the problems corrie and betsie had to deal with in their new barracks
give thanks in all circumstances
what was betsies answer to these problems
she brought prayer and faith to barracks 28 and her faith was becoming her whole life
explain how betsie made a difference in barracks 28
sheer misery: hard backbreaking work of shoveling and pushing
describe the work at siemens
when they received the new vitamins from mien the drops stopped
describe the miracle concerning the medicine bottle
the guard laughed at betsie and then she wiped her
what happened to betsie one day when she was shoveling
Where they knit there were fleas and the guards wouldn't come in so they prayed
describe the miracle of the fleas
She lied about her eyes and the doctor told her to come back to the hospital that way she would miss the train
how did corrie escape transport to the munitions factory
To have a huge home bigger than the beje and that is where people who were at concentration camps could come to heal it had statues inlaid floors and gardens
what was betsies dream for after the war
For corrie to see the body
what does mean arrange for corrie
She does she goes to heaven where she is the Betsie of Haarlem
what happens to betsie in chapter 14?what change takes place in her?
She was nice she got people to bring a stretcher and bring betsie to the hospital
what miracle occurred with the snake
Selfishness like standing in the middle so you weren't cold and stealing the vitamins for betsie and corrie always made excuses to make her feel better
what was the special temptation of concentration life
Our talents and abilities come from God and she need to rely on Gods strength
what truth did corrie realize on page 214
after Corries physical where is she taken
Stony indifference to others
what was the most fatal disease of the concentration camp
Tine van Veen
who is the first family member corrie sees after her release
who was in the limo that was to take corrie to the beje
Made it a place for the feeble minded
what did corrie do with the beje once she got home
who was corrie looking for when she got home
Their release on January 1st and they got a huge house in which to house people scarred from concentration camp life to recover and then they got a concentration camp and made it a place for the people who had once operated it
what three visions of Betsie's came true
Watchmaking, underground work, the cat, working with the feeble minded
what are some the activities that corrie attempted once she got back to the beje
Those who had betrayed their countey
what group had the most trouble being forgiven
Lady who owned the house in which betsie had vision and made a deal with Corrie that if her son came back she could have it
who was mrs.bierens de haan
Feeble minded and Corrie
who was now living in the beje
in the hospital
when the chapter ends where is betsie
Mein was a young dutch woman they had met in Vught and she was a prisoner assigned to the hospital and she brought corrie a newspaper a slice of bread, and vitamins
who was mien and what did she give to corrie