Set in the early sass's in Jackson, Mississippi, 'The Help' is about a strong and independent woman while racism is at an all-time high. The film follows the story of Skitter, a young, white girl, who wishes to write a book about the hardships and racism felt by the black maids working for the white families. Abilene and Ninny, two black maids, share their tales and experiences to help Skitter fulfill her dream. Skitter is shown as strong and independent woman in the film. Skitter spends four years at university completing her degree while her other friends have already roped out of school.

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Skitter, who is now a Journalist, sets on to writing a book about the experiences of the black maids serving the white families in Jackson. Knowing that biblically sympathizing with or helping any black was against the law Skitter is still determined to write the book because she feels so strongly about it. It is evident in the film that this was a very uncommon and dangerous decision to make at the time as racism was at its highest. This shows that Skitter is an independent woman as she questions the restrictions placed upon her by society's traditions.

I think that the fact that Skitter realizes the cruelty faced by the blacks and her will to bring some change shows how independent and rebellious she is because most of the women in the society come across the injustices on a daily basis but are hardly moved by it. They blindly follow the traditions and find themselves happy and satisfied. Skitter is also strong-willed because she does not let these restrictions discourage her enough to lose hope. She realizes that her friends and family would oppose her decisions but she does not let these emotions stop her.

I think that her throng-will is driven from her love that she has for her own maid Constantine who was fired because of hurting Setter's mother's pride. Skitter does not think of this as a fair decision and it further motivates her into fulfilling her dream. Not following the traditions, Skitter is still single and so is pressured into getting married by her mother and best-friends. Although, she does not look very keen, she does go on a couple of dates with Stuart, her boyfriend. However, towards the end when Stuart finds out about Setter's book, he immediately breaks up with her.

As independent s Skitter is, she does not need marriage to sustain herself. She is offered a Job as a writer in New York and she gladly accepts it. Ninny tells Skitter, muff done burned ever bridge there is. And you into never gone get another boyfriend in this town and everybody know it. So don't walk your white butt to New York, run it. " I think that it was the right decision made by Skitter because through the film we see that Skitter does not fit into society and is rather isolated. To be her own master is what would suit Skitter best because she can support herself in a way no one else can.

I felt that the film sends out strong messages not only about racial injustice but also about the strong women in our society. Though these issues might not exist in the same way in our society now, strong women like Skitter do exist. Our society now has changed quite a lot. People have become more open-minded and there are no harsh restrictions placed by the society. From the film, I learned that as long as you are determined to fulfill your dreams, obstacles can be overcome Just like Skitter. The Help - Strong and Independent Women By unashamedly