It can assist in creating employment and hugely benefit communities in development projects that could live on for generations. It is difficult to outline whether tourism as an Industry can attract Individuals to a certain destination or whether it is the location itself that manages to draw in tourists to gain economical benefits. It may seem that there are little worries in allowing a destination to become a popular choice among tourists, but managing the activities and ensuring that natural beauty and resources are not compromised should be a major objective for every tourism organization.

In order to assess the future proceedings of a country's tourism industry, one needs to examine the sustainable ethos that are practiced. It seems as though the amount of people traveling to Gambia for holidaying purposes has declined In recent times due to the global economic downturn (The Point, 2009). 1 . Development of tourism In OLDS 2. Enclaves Resort Structures In terms of developing a country's tourism structure it can be difficult for the nation to encourage growth on a wider scale when there is so much emphasis put on resort tourism.

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Page and Connell (2006) acknowledge the movement of tourists to remote areas of a destination and therefore not supporting the local economy. There is a ajar presence of foreign multi-national companies in the Gambia originating from Europe and the United States which use the country's natural resources for economic gain. Britton (1982) also discusses the criticisms of package holiday tours and the circulation of tourists within the formal tourism sector, claiming that tourists on these package holidays are not encouraged to leave their complex during their stay.

This can result in leakages in tourism expenditure appearing in the informal sector, with figures reaching as high as 75% In the Gambia (Hall and Brown, 2006). By providing rigorists with standards that would be expected in western countries, it becomes difficult to regard the investment of multi-national companies as a negative impact. Mitchell and Fall (2008) outline the foreign tourism involvement within the Gambia stating that without International airline companies and tour operators there would be no value chain and no tourists.

Naturally, as tourism Is a vital Industry for the country, it cannot afford to turn away foreign investment as it can act as an encouraging factor to attract tourists to a destination. An aspect that can be used to encourage the movement of tourists to other areas of The Gambia Is the establishment of alternative faceless to help entice individuals away from enclave resorts.