Bell laboratories Invent first computers built with transistors In 1958 The first removable disk pack Is Invented In 1959, allowing users to have access to stored data. Introduction of the first application programming language called COBOL . Com on Business Oriented Language) in 1960. ASCII ((American Standard Code or information Interchange is invented in 1963. It allows computers to exchange information. General electronic corporation invents ERM (electronic recording machine accounting) in 1959. Third Generation (the integrated circuit age)

First computers built with integrated circuits which contains multiple resistors and electronic chips into one chip. Introduced in 1964. IBM invents System/360. They are a line of compatible computers that use the same programs in 1964. DCE invents first minicomputer and introduction of the BASIC programming language. Intro of ARPANET the beginning of the internet and IBM sells software and hardware separately. Fourth Generation (the microprocessor age) Introduction of computers built with chips that use LSI (large scale integration) in 970 The Intel 4004 microprocessor is invented in 1971 by Ted Hoff.

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LANA is developed by Xerox PARA and the MITTS Inc. Altair becomes the most successful microcomputer and sells for $400 a kit. Apple Inc. Invents first hobbyist computer in 1977. Introduction of first public information services (Compuserve and The Source) Fifth Generation (the age of connectivity) Release of world wide web In 1991 Apple Introduces the Newton message pad In 1992 By Ivan First computer called MANIAC (electronic numerical integrator and computer) completed in 1946.

More advanced computers based on MANIACS called UNIVAC becomes available to purchase in 1951. IBM adds computer to its business and sells into instructions that a computer can execute. Introduction of first programming language translator called FORTRAN (formula translator) in 1957. Second Generation Bell laboratories invent first computers built with transistors in 1958 The first removable disk pack is invented in 1959, allowing users to have access to stored data.