Nothing compares to the atmospherics of the NHL playoffs. It amazing to see how the game elevates to another level, giving the players and the fans an adrenaline high after each play. What better way to set the tone the game early on, by having your enforcer start stirring up trouble? Everyone would love to see Eric Lindros go head to head with Tie Domi. Perhaps many would view this as a one sided fight, but nonetheless you have two guys going at it.
To be the enforcer of the team is quite the task. Its not an easy job. You are constantly tagged and other players are constantly looking for you. You dont really rely on your hockey skills; instead you always have your head up looking for an opportunity to put up your fists. Somewhat a controversial part of the game, but enjoyable to watch, for sure.

The NHL has built it reputation as a fast paced, hard-hitting affair. And the role of the enforcer is nothing less. Perhaps it is somewhat dangerous. You are putting you career on the line every time you put up your fists. There are so many chances of something going wrong. You can land awkwardly on your leg, perhaps straining your knee, or how about broken jaws, broken noses, and lets not forget concussions. One of the many serious injuries associated with hockey. How many of you would like to put your life at risk for a handsome living.

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Many argue the fact that hockey players make too much money. But do they seriously? How can you put a price on life? Everyone remembers what happened to Bryan Berard. Perhaps one of the scariest moments during this years hockey season. Most hockey players have a tough time on the ice. If you are the teams star player watch out cause someone is eyeing you. Look at the series between Florida Panthers, and the New Jersey Devils. The reason that Florida didnt do better in that series was due to the fact that the New Jersey Devils took it to Pavel Bure (Floridas main goal scorer) taking him and the panthers out of their game plans. The physical play is necessary to win in the playoffs.

To draw a conclusion to this controversial issue, I believe that as much as I love to see two heavy weights go at it, I dont really agree with all the unnecessary violence that goes on in the game of hockey. Checking from behind by far has to be the worst. It is really unnecessary and completely dangerous. The idea of having an enforcer on the team is somewhat comforting to team members. Knowing there is someone there to look after you. Its like having a big brother