There are many database-naming conventions to choose. As I read each of them I wanted to make sure, I got the idea that they were trying to explain for each of the different conventions. Though some of them had, more guidelines than other I still took into account all of the instructions because some of them did repeat each other with certain things.

The convention that made the most sense to me is the views invention because by trying to use less abbreviations and acronyms is helps everyone to understand what you are saying. When you are using imaginative and common sense names then everyone even those who do not know much about will be able to recognize the names. The views convention was short and it made sure there not only was the abbreviations common but also that the prefix could be distinguished from the other conventions.

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The other ways of diagramming entities and relations is electronic facsimile elections, parametric schema implementation, and FDA. There were many different illustrations that individuals had made using entities and relations yet I felt it was best to keep it to a basic. During my search, I learned that you could use the entities and relations design for numerous things. The things that all three of them have in common are the primary key and the descriptions. In addition, the electronic facsimile collections and parametric schema implementation both have foreign keys.