Taking consideration of the results from the analysis conducted, as well as the objectives and goals that have been set, a market penetration strategy will be adopted. This is not only the least risky of the four strategies, but it is also the lowest in investment. It is therefore more feasible for the mosque to follow due to current shortages in funding. The market penetration approach will allow the mosque to better promote itself to the existing market place, whilst allowing the mosque to maximise its output and gain new members of the congregation within the same market.

As the mosque currently has no intention of spreading its range geographically, or going into new markets as this is simply not an option, a market penetration strategy will allow new users to be found within the same market with the existing services that the mosque currently provides. It will therefore enable the mosque to receive higher donations as well as consolidate and strengthen its position within the market place. All this will be achieved through intense marketing activity and a sustainable strategy.

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The Target Market - In order to better target worshippers, donors and volunteers, it is important to segment the market. Psychographic segmentation is of obvious importance to a faith based organisation as its target users will be of those who share the same beliefs, or of individuals who wish to learn more about the religion. Geographic segmentation breaks down the population further by targeting Muslims who live in a ten mile radius of the mosque as they will be most likely to visit it.

Regardless of gender, age, income or past behaviours, individuals who lie in this category will constitute the target population in an attempt to find new users within the market which is currently untapped. The Competitive Positioning - The mosque will be implementing a niche competitive positioning strategy where one segment within the market will be targeted with one marketing mix.

The mosque will be positioned as one of the largest purpose built mosques in Birmingham which has been serving the needs of its public for almost thirty years (to differentiate it from its competitors). It will be emphasised how the mosque acts as a central point for the community, not only a place of worship but also an educational centre, a place which fulfils social needs as well as a registered charitable organisation. The user benefits that the mosque satisfies will be emphasised as will the number and variety of services that the mosque provides.

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