The most Important thing about audio engineering Is to understand the concepts of mixing. Since there are so many concepts folding the best one In general will be hard, I myself don't think it exists From the dawn of time mankind has had music and every song since the first one is known as the infinity remix. By that I mean that the first concept of the second song is a remix of the first and every "new song" from that point is a remix of the first. With so many genres to day the concepts of creation and mixing had to evolve over the centuries and become better to keep the sterner satisfied.

So the perfect mixing style, well cannot be simply explained, it can only be searched for, played, tested, and fade away like all of its predecessors. An amateur mix would not have contrast, is without a focal point, cluttered or noisy mixes, lack of clarity, hardly and intimacy/ feeling Inconsistent levels and or dull uninteresting sounds. Through trial and error some milling styles have been eliminated from the music business regardless If they were popular at one point. As mixes change the genre of music either adapts or evolves Into a new one. For instance, rap music once used snare drums, guitars, and fast passed monotone lyrics.

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Over time, the meaning of the lyrics changed and with that the "beat" fallowed. Rap changed from party time, to violence, to being gangs, to something that cannot be defined, so naturally an undefined mixing style occurred, losing its edge, becoming less popular. The three most popular styles of mixing are: the London style, the New York style, and the LA style. The London style uses perspective, putting each instrument in its own distinct sonic environment. One's musical arrangement is ere important in mixing but even more so In the London mix.

The LA style takes a musical event and Instead of altering it they augment It, but only slightly. The New York style of mixing features lots of compression making the mix punchy and aggressive and It Is very easy to Identify and Is also the most popular/commonly used style. All of these styles are utilized and constantly altered and perfected. They cannot be perfect for not everyone can agree that one is better than the other so in order to be popular it would need to gather fans. "If you start something small, abbey in a club, only the people in that club can hear you so you have to please the people in that club and only them. (Blackwell) as previously stated in paragraph two raps were created to please their fans and changed accordingly to fit their situation. It is said that all musicians make their decisions with one thought in mind "What would my first twenty fans think of what I am doing today? "(Blackwell 2006) It should be said that many musicians don't remember this question and are fading away because they have lost their nearly perfect technique. "Everything is derivative and he music we hear today Is processed reconfigured and made Into new music" (Miller 135). This comment deserves explanation for It could possibly hold the key to perfection.

Many artists do not like this comment for it implies that all art is However, the most popular song can be used as a template in order to create further genius and that is the real beauty of this comment. Take a nearly perfect song; used new styles that did not exist when that song was made, and adjust it when necessary. A possibly played out style can be made popular, especially if the sounds used were popular when that style was fresh. If one can expand their audience that is great but by combining two audiences together the evolution of a style can create a musical revolution, in the ass disco managed to do this.

The neurologist Antonio Damasks has discussed the process in which a sensory impulse creates a neural pattern in the brain that is converted into what he refers to generically as an "image". Not a visual image, a "musical image", Just as onomatopoeia is a word that describes sounds a musical image is a sound that describes an image. "Noise is Just another form of information in the 20th century' (Miller 6). The messages that come from music are often understood and the music that makes the most money is sometimes misunderstood. It is uncertain how mixing plays into all of this.

Media is sold to the people and can be sold to creators as well. Media is the means of civil society and public opinion. So how can you make a lot of money doing this? Let's start with education. Mind the fact that not all audio technicians are successful. My mentor, Mr.. May, has an associates degree from the art institute of Atlanta. He took their list of required courses and that school gave him connection to many other successful people. He also has a minor in business management, and has started something called Multimedia entertainment BUG witch is his own personal business.

As the founder of this corporation he has a few employees and manages them quite well. His clientele is varying expansive and diverse. My mentor is the perfect example of an educated audio engineer. "l was offered 100% publishing deal for $10,000 and I would have taken it, I was going to, but I didn't and I now know that I would have owed hundreds of thousands of dollars today. Some things look great but... No. (Bishop) "Whether you are self-taught or went to recording school, you have to acquire the basic knowledge of how to make a recording" (Sessions).

My mentor has supported this comment and hated another. "Question- how long does think it takes to finish a mix? Answer- a day and a half is perfect but two days is too long" (Gas). This question makes mixing seem easy but in reality mixing is a process that takes weeks. "If you did it in a day then you suck" (May). When learning one would take an already existing song, find its component, and then try to recreate the song from scratch. This process took my mentor a month to complete and he says it's a common practice for teachers to begin with. Back in the day I could mix 4 or 5 songs in a day but now a days people want to create tings they cannot hear" (Blackwell). This is why a song takes longer than a day or two. There are so many components and requirements to be considered good that it takes longer than expected to make anything. One can no longer Just record, they must create a new sound then introduce them, if their sound fails they must retry until the perfect sound is found. This is the foundation for the New York mix, layers upon layers of sounds that implement each other perfectly.

That mixing style is the most popular because it takes the most time and the artists will put more focus it than anything else. "The way I really learned about music is through mixing, because if the base part is wrong, right parts so you can actually mix. "NH) Mr.. May said the same thing to me when I asked him how he writes songs and mixes them. "Nothing is better than a one man band" (Anonymous). This quote means is the better you are at the components of your business, the more checks you collect and the less you have to dish out.

Yet another concept of audio engineering is collaboration with a song writer. "l always approach it like, how can I give you what you put in there without changing it" (Blackwell). Step number one, record the voice, step two is seeing the final product with what you have. Most mixers can hear a final product be for they start. In this situation, it is common that they start by becoming familiar with a songs, structure, filling up empty any spaces, then subtracting sound so the song can make sense. For the LA style of mixing this is the only part of mixing for them, say, for example, Woodstock.

Most of the artist's songs performed there were originally recorded there and could never be reproduced the same way so the mixer simply cleaned up the background noise and sold the song, simple and effective. From its creation, the London style of mixing was really Just a fallow up of the New York style that added the components of the LA style. People think it is a copycat style and being the least popular it would be considered far from perfect. But how could that be, it incorporates the components of the two most popular styles, perhaps this is not the erect combination, maybe more experimenting is required.

If the correct combination of these two mixes can be found then the London mix can become very popular. Can it become perfect? The idea of perfect mix fleas the imagination with each word typed. The truth is that nothing can ever be so good that a better one won't ever come along. The facts that a new mix is new dose not make it better. Perhaps one day an old mix will come back and be Just as popular simply because it is refreshing or "a blast from the past". Works Cited I have my works cited saved on the student drive at school.