Where did Holden go right after the fight?
Ackley's room
What did Holden trip on in Ackley's room?
A shoe
What was on Ackley's face?
Acne cream - hence his ghostly appearance
What did Holden repeatedly ask Ackley about?
The location of the light
Where was the light?
Next to Holden's hand
What surprised Ackley about Holden's appearance?
The blood and such on his face
What was always absent from Ackley's room?
What game did Holden ask to play with Ackley?
What time was it?
What did Ackley have to get up for in the morning?
What did Holden never discuss with Ackley?
His personal life
What did Holden request of Ackley?
To sleep in Ely's bed
Why was Ely not at Pencey at that time?
He went home every weekend to his parents
When does Ely always come back?
Sunday night
What did Holden do in response to not being able to sleep on Ely's bed?
He patted Ackley's shoudler and called him a prince
Why would Ackley not grant permission for Holden to sleep in Ely's bed?
Because it wasn't his own bed
What did Holden start to feel like
Rotten and lonesome
What did Holden tell Ackley was the reason for the fight?
Stradlater was talking crap about him
Was the reason for the fight true?
What did Holden complain about Ackley's room?
The smell
What thought about Stradlater's date drove Holden mad?
Stradlater and Jane canoodling in Ed Banky's car
What differentiated Stradlater from other boys at Pencey?
Most boys talked about having intercourse, but Stradlater legitimately did have sex
Holden wanted Ackley to tell him about what (sarcastically)
His life
Where did Holden and Stradlater once double-date?
In Ed Banky's car
Where was Stradlater during their double-date?
The back of the car
What was Stradlater's technique to getting sexual favors from girls?
He started out with a sincere and "Abraham Lincoln - like" voice that he then proceeded to give her the time
Did Stradlater have sex during their double date?
How many times did Holden say "Hey Ackley" to wake Ackley up?
What did Holden ask to Ackley after waking him up?
How to join a monastery
What did Ackley say that Holden could never make fun of?
His religion
What was the final thing Holden call Ackley before he left? What did he do to Ackley right before that moment?
Aces; shook his hand
Whose door was the toothpaste found in front of in the corridor?
Leahy & Hoffman's
What brand was the toothpaste?
What did Holden think he may do while he was in the corridor?
Go visit Mal Brossard
What did Holden decide to do anyways?
Leave Pencey
What was Holden's plan when he escaped?
Go and stay at a cheap hotel in New York
How long did it take for Holden to pack?
Two minutes
What type of bags did Holden pack? How many?
Gladstone bags; two
What saddened Holden when he was packing?
The ice skates his mom had gotten him
Why were the ice skates the wrong type?
They were hockey - Holden had wanted racing
Where would Holden's mom had gone to get the skates?
ToF: Holden was broke
False, he had a lot of money
Who was the bain financial benefactor to Holden?
His grandma
Why did Holden's grandma send him money often?
She had memory issues and kept sending money for his birthday
What did Holden want to sell before he left? To who?
His typewriter, Frederick Woodruff
How much was the typewriter worth? How much did Holden sell it for?
$90, $20
Where did Holden take his final look at the corridor? What was he doing while he did such?
Next to the stairs; crying
What did Holden do right before he left?
He yelled "Sleep tight, ya morons!"
What did Holden almost trip on as he ran down the stairs?
Peanut shells