Causes of the american revolution

The American revolution can be traced from the time when French and Indian war ended. At the time Britain needed money and hence the British government placed taxes on America colonists. It was a strategic decision as British government expected that the colonists would aid in the payment for the war as the government had fought with the interest of defending the colonies.

The Stamp Act was the first tax where all colonists were required to buy tax stamps for nay printed materials. Most colonies were not satisfied and hence refused to pay the taxes. The colonies argued that they had not voted on the tax and hence it was unfair for them to pay tax yet they were not represented in the government. Some colonists who were led by Samuel Adams joined together to form the Sons of liberty and venously protested against the Stamp Act.

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After the Stamp Act failed to work, the British government sought its replacement and imposed tax on all imported goods in the Act named Townshend Acts. However, colonists refused to trade with imported goods. In fact, the Daughters of Liberty formed together and started making tea and cloth.

The boycotts had unpleasant effects on the British government given that it was in great need to acquire money. The then king, King George III made order British soldiers and warships to all resisting colonies. As a result, there were increased tensions and soon the tension exploded in Boston between British soldiers and colonists. There were shootings and the outbreak left five people dead. The event was later named the Boston Massacre. However, the resistance didn’t change much and the colonist’s protests increased. Britain did not have much choice and was forced to remove all taxes with the exception of that of tea. The Tea Act stated that the brash East India Company held sole rights to sell tea to colonists. In reaction to this sacaton, Boston colonists under the leadership of Samwell Adam protested and attacked a loaded vehicle carrying tea into Boston Harbor. The event was later known as the Boston tea Party.

In response Parliament passed several laws that stated a rule of no tolerance to people of Boston and stated that they were guilty and would be punished. The intolerable Acts resulted into two effects including the closure of the port. The closure hurt businesses and most people would feel the effects in economic straining. However, there was also a positive effect as the resistance forced colonists to take a side. The supporters of Boson were regarded to as the patriots and those who seek to stay loyal to the king were regarded as Loyalist.  Ultimately the American revolution would lead to the attainment of independence for the country. The treaty pf Paris was also formed and it outland British surrender. Also, the articles of confederation were formed and this was the first time America was making an attempt to establish and indecent government and build a nation.