Why was Aunt Polly angry with Tom?
Joe Harper's mom told her the truth that Tom had been there that night and what he told her wasn't a dream.
How did Aunt Polly know Tom was telling the truth about the bark?
She reached into the pocket of his jacket and the bark was there.
What bad deed does Becky do at school?
She tore a page out of the teacher's anatomy book.
What noble thing did Tom do?
He took the blame for tearing the teacher's book in order to spare Becky.
How did the boys steal Mr. Dobbins' wig?
They suspended a cat on a string over Mr. Dobbins' head and lowered the cat until its paws hooked Mr. Dobbins' wig in its claws.
Why was Tom suddenly ill?
He contracted the measles.
Why did Tom swear to never again trust a man like Judge Frazer?
He died after starting to get better.
What did the prosecution NOT use as evidence that Muff did it?
Injun Joe's eyewitness account
At the beginning of the trial, what was Muff's lawyer's strategy for defending him?
to plead guilty by reason of drunkenness
Who did Muff Potter's attorney call to the stand?
He called Tom Sawyer.
How did the townspeople react to Tom's telling on Injun Joe?
They were proud of him and printed his name in the newspaper.
Who did Tom invite to go treasure hunting?
Huck Finn
Why did Tom and Huck go back to the dead limb tree at midnight?
They went back because you have to dig for treasure where the shadow of a dead limb falls at midnight.
Why did the boys stop treasure hunting?
It was Friday, and bad things happen in haunted houses on Fridays. Also, Huck had a dream about rats, and rats are a sure sign of trouble.
Who was the Spaniard?
Injun Joe
Why were the boys distressed that they left the spade and pick downstairs?
Injun Joe noticed the pitch and shovel had fresh dirt on them, so he moved the treasure to a different location.
6. Why did Tom think maybe the adventure was a dream?
The amount of money in the treasure was "too vast to be a real."
How did Tom get in to the Number Two?
He walked in, the door was locked.
What had Tom done on the night before the trial?
he went to the lawyer's house and told the whole story