There are many good reasons for learning how to read. Many people think that it isnt important to know how to read. There are also those of us who know the importance of reading abilities. So, I believe whenever you have the opportunity to better your reading skills you should take that opportunity. If you do it will better your chances of success in life.

You see, there are many reasons reading is necessary in life. Without having a good reading capability there will be a limited amount of opportunity. In order to have unlimited opportunities you have to be able to read. The reason you have to know how to read is so that you may be able to find a good job. The reason we need good jobs is because with a good job we are able to get things we need or that we may want. Without good reading skills you prevent yourself from the privileges that life has to offer.

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Some people choose not to use this ability. I believe that those people should be ashamed of themselves. There are some people who dont have this ability, and are not given opportunities to succeed in life. Even after everything that these people hear in the news every day they still choose to put aside this ability. If you choose to put this ability aside any longer youll probably end up flipping burgers or being on the streets asking for money the rest of our lives.

In conclusion, I believe that those of us that do cherish and use this great ability will be able to help other in life. If you choose not to take advantage of this wonderful ability youre making a huge mistake. I feel sorry for those of you who dont think reading is a necessary part of your life. So when your English teacher tells you to do something you should probably do it. That is, if you want to further better youre reading ability.