If you have bad emotional intelligence you can lose your temper easily or become sad which may lead to eating disorders, violent crimes, depression and early pregnancy. Emotional intelligence are different then a lot of other intelligence. A lot of people know what being creative or being smart Is, but a lot don't fully understand what emotional intelligence is. If you don't have any emotional intelligence you could hurt yourself or someone else. CEQ plays a major factor in the everyday lives of people Just by not being able to communicate with people will play a major role in where you end up In life.

I think I have a good CEQ as I am good in all the five major components of CEQ which were suggested by Coleman. The first part is knowing my own emotions, I am aware of my emotions. I know what I am felling and so I am capable of making choices like whom to date or marry, which car to buy, what to order In a restaurant. I can clearly show my feelings through facial expressions, body language and people who can't do so are considered low In expressiveness. Secondly, I can manage my emotions.

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I can control my emotions most of the times but sometimes I get very angry and due to this I get Into a fight with my friends and family. Thirdly, I can motivate myself. I can motive myself to work hard for my projects and assignments and also study hard for exams. Next most of the times I can know what other people are felling through their body motions and sometimes I can get them to do what I want by behaving In a certain way. Relationships are all about how one acts around each other, and If one person doesn't realize how the there Is feeling It will be a hard relationship to keep.

Lastly, I can properly handle relationships that I have. I am good with all my friend and family members as well as teachers. In conclusion, emotional Intelligence Is Important to a person. The abilities that make people stand out are cognitive act or IQ , technical knowledge and CEQ but what distinguishes a star performer, not only In the workplace but every field , Is CEQ. CEQ Is clearly distinct from the ones needed for getting good grades or scoring high on tests of Intelligence but It Is very Important In life .