The majority of today’s youth has become extremely apathetic, completely careless about the things going on in the world that don’t regard them. They’ve gotten so obsessed with what goes on in their own lives that they don’t stop and take the time to listen or care about what anyone else is feeling. Technology plays a huge role in the apathetic behavior of teens because it gives them the power to constantly be updated with the latest gossip or news about their peers.

Apart from that, adults are also partly to be blamed for this apathy because they make it nearly impossible for teens to have a say in government without having a riot or protest. Technology is the most impacting cause for apathy in today’s teens. It lets them interact with people 24/7, talking and texting about what’s happening in their lives, or sending constant status updates on facebook and twitter so that people know exactly what they are doing every minute of every day.

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With all this constant attention to themselves, teens often forget, or just don’t care, that there are other, more important, things happening in the world. As this goes on, teens become extremely selfish and carefree, only concerned about what happens in their lives. Their lack of concern and involvement in their community will set them up for a life that will only end in their conformity, because they don’t put in the effort to speak up for what they believe in. As well as technology, adults also play a major role in making the number of apathetic teens progressively bigger as time goes on.

When it comes to politics, and the government in general, adults treat teenagers like kids, making it nearly impossible for them to get involved with it. By doing this, they make teens feel as if they have virtually no say in anything that goes on in the world, so they find it pointless to get drawn in to it. When teenagers see the amount of poverty in the world, although they may be concerned, they realize that they can’t really do anything about it, so they just shrug it off, which can be easily mistaken as apathy.

Many of today’s teenagers are apathetic despite the countless issues going on in the world, and the constant updates they receive from the media. Although it is mostly their fault for getting so involved in themselves, and completely disregarding society and its many problems, it’s partly due to technology as well. It gave them what they needed to stay in touch with everything that happened in their personal lives. That, combined with the complete disregard and lack of attentiveness given to them by adults, is what caused the apathetic nature of today’s teenagers.