But is this difference only external or is there more to it? There is an increasing amount of people who believe that human advancements do not only affect our level of comfort but change the way we perceive the world as well. And similarly to other such topics - our society share different ideas on whether this Is a good thing or a bad thing.

My opinion falls somewhere In between. To start with, it is an undeniable truth that modern technology has its good points. I would kindly ask anyone who thinks otherwise to explain me the benefits of making a fire by rubbing two sticks together for hours when I have a lighter in my pocket. These good points are the reason why our civilization is constantly evolving into a much more capable one. Be It mental or physical qualities - nowadays there are smarter and stronger people than our planet has ever seen.

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We are also given the possibility to choose from a practically unlimited amount of ways of enjoying ourselves thus making it easier to reach our ultimate goal in life - attaining happiness. Having said all of the above, I suppose one would imagine that our world is a perfect utopia in comparison to ancient times. While I do believe that we live in more comfortable and easy to survive in place, there are a number of things which have become worse and which should not be Ignored.

The flirts thing that comes to one's mind when talking about the price our living world pays for having such fancy technologies is pollution, with coal and petroleum being the main culprits. Both play such big roles in our modern society that human life as e know is impossible without them and at the same time - both are injurious to the health of every living being. The other very big disadvantage that comes with our better understanding of the world Is not so obvious and It Is what we call the art of manipulation.

Having understood the principles behind every person's needs and desires, influential people use this knowledge to their own advantage, completely ignoring humanity as a matter of importance. In a way we are constantly bombarded by carefully designed advertisements and deceived into giving wealth or power to people who had not offered much in return and thus leading to large scale problems like obesity and poverty.

To sum up, there is not a specific answer to the question whether technology is to be our savior or our destroyer. On the one hand there are the people who believe that we are becoming better and better civilization with each succeeding day. On the other hand are those who swear that inventing electricity was our second biggest mistake, after coming down from the trees.