As I went around the school, I saw all the students and teachers busy with their genuineness related to their own responsibility and stead. Students are In everywhere, they might be in peers or alone. I went to the library and computer laboratory; there I have seen people learning in a clean and silent place. The learning resources and materials are arranged properly. Computers are accessible yet; every qualified student was given an internet code with password. Name of Center Observed: Date of Observation: Novo. 5, 2013 Name of Observer: April]ay Berglund Canon course/ year/ school: BED Ill List of Available Learning Resources Available Learning Resources Teaching Approaches where the Resource is Most Useful . Print Resources Magazines Newspapers Hand-outs Textbooks Generally, all these print resources were capable in providing guidance and idea to students who were not familiar with it and it makes them aware about the whole concept. Interactive instruction relies heavily on discussion and sharing among participants. It allows for a range of groupings and interactive methods.

This includes total class discussions, small group discussions or projects. 2. Audio Resources DVD player Television 0 Speaker All these resources were capable in upgrading the vocabulary and listening skill of he learners and this was highly effective for all the auditory learners. Letting the student explore the elements of an audio production could be an effective teaching approach because it develops listening skills of students. 3. Non-electric Visual Resources Visual Aids Mock-ups Models microscope There were models and specimens that were being preserved, thus the learners can have a close-t- reality experience.

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It brings out information and reality experience for the learners who may not be familiar with what it looks like. Experiential learning could be a teaching approach where resources were most useful. It was inductive, learner centered and activity oriented. The emphasis in experiential learning was on the process of learning and not on the product. 4. CIT Resources Over-head Projectors ever media Generally, CIT resources were used as a means of learning new concepts and new ideas to the learners. It also brings convenience to the part of the teachers.

Direct instruction was highly teacher directed and was commonly used. This includes methods such as lectures, questioning, explicit teaching and demonstration. It was effective for providing information or developing step by step skills. Impression: Learning resources are the materials used by teachers to enhance the skills of students, help to discover the different aptitudes and it provides learning experiences to the students. All learning resources must be contemporary and the person in-charge must know how to efficiently utilize it because learning resources support curriculum.

ANALYSIS 1 . Were the learning resources/materials arranged properly according to their functions and characteristics? The learning resources/materials are arranged properly according to their functions, although they were assigned to different areas. 2. Do the guidelines and procedures facilitate easy access to the materials by the teachers? Why? Why not? The guidelines and procedures facilitate easy access to the materials in such a way that the guidelines and procedures do not involve great exertion or discomfort on the part of the teachers or any users of it. . What are the strengths of this Learning Resources Center? Learning resource center can be developed and benefited to educate all people and provide quality education. It will become strong when the person in-charge knows how to efficiently utilize it and the resources must be sufficient and must be anthropometry that will suit to the latest trends in the society. And the students can perform well during their activity because the things inside are organized. 4. What are its weaknesses? Some of the materials are not in use because it is not working. . What suggestions can you make? When finances can suffice, it would be better to add more materials that can be used by the students and books to the library. 1 . Which of the materials in the learning resources caught your interest the most? Why? The books really caught my interest because ever since books are easy to access ND books are everywhere especially to the students who cannot afford to go to the computer laboratory. 2. Which gadgets/materials are you already confident to use/operate?

The books, computer, projector and other materials that were related to multimedia presentation were the gadgets or materials that give me a strong belief in my own ability to use or operate it. And I want to explore more about it because it would be helpful to me in dealing with my teaching works. 3. Which ones do you feel you need to learn about? I need to learn more about the use of computers in presenting topics. It is important for me to be familiar and understand clearly its appropriateness and effectiveness in delivering a topic. 4. Read an article about your answer in number 3. Paste a copy of the article here.

BULLETIN BOARD DISPLAYS Name of IFS Student: Cooperating School: My Target At the end of this activity, I will be competent in appraising the effectiveness of display boards as learning resources. Display board, or what we more commonly refer to as bulletin board, is one of the most readily available and versatile learning resources. As I look around and examine board displays, use the activity forms provided for me o document my observations. An Observation Guide for BOARD DISPLAY As I look around and examine the board displays, I have found out that every classroom has its own board display.

Some classrooms have a bulletin board for birthdays of students, classroom cleaners, classroom officers, classroom activities and announcement and the most common was the board display that contains the topics to be discussed in a certain grading period. I have seen also board displays outside the classroom but it was more than that if I will examine the whole campus. Board splays were located in front of the principals' office, near the faculty room. Most of it was announcements, activities or events in school and etc. The announcements were written in a formal way that everyone can quickly and clearly understand.

The information was arranged past to latest and the materials used have a high quality that can last for a longer time. Board display was covered by a glass, so as to give protection to the content and materials used. Messages were clear enough as any inconsistencies in grammar. BOARD DIPLOIDS EVALUATION FORM Check the column that indicates your rating. Write comments to back up your ratings. 4- Outstanding 2- Satisfactory Criteria s 2 3 o 4 Comments 3- Very Satisfactory 1- Needs improvement Effective communication Conveys the message quickly and clearly.

The Messages were clear and easy to understand. Attractiveness Colors and arrangements catch and hold interest. Colors and arrangements were very convincing to the eye of the viewers. Objects are arranged so stability is perceived. Arrangements of objects were good but it needs an improvement. Unity Repeated shapes or colors or use of borders holds display together. There was a perfect selection of colors, shapes and boarders. Comment Interactivity The styles and approach entice learners to be involved. Student made. Legibility Letters and illustrations can be seen from a good distance.

Too much art can damage the legibility of the board display. Correctness Free from grammar errors, misspelled words, ambiguity There were no such wrong grammars or even misspelled words. Durability Well-constructed, items are securely attached. The content can last long because it was protected by a glass. An Evaluation Report of a Bulletin Board Option 2 Location: in front of faculty room Brief Description of the Bulletin Board: The board display contains different activities and events for a certain month and it was located near the entrance gate where teachers, students and parents can see it.

EVALUATION Strengths Weaknesses Observations: Board display was covered by a glass, it was located near the entrance gate, it was attractive and there were no misspelled words or even inconsistencies in grammar. It can last for a longer time; it can easily attract the attention of the viewers because of its location where many viewers can see it. The content was easy to understand because it was free from any grammar errors. It can be only weak if it is not updated and if the content is not clear enough. If the person who made the board display is not knowledgeable and Just took it for granted can also become weak.

Judgments/ Evaluation of Educational content and other aspects: The contents were relevant to the activities for that month. It will be weak if there is no involvement from the students and if the contents are not updated. Recommendations or Suggestions for improvement: The legibility of the board display was good but it needs an improvement in terms f the arrangements of its content in order for it to be seen from a good distance and messages must be cogent enough in order for the viewers especially the students to have an involvement.

Signature of Evaluator over Printed Name: 1 . Did the board display design reflect the likes/interests of its target audience? Why? Why not? Definitely yes because of its style, selection of colors and materials, the title and the theme seem to be a student made. Since it is made by certain students, so I can say that everything being posted are being reflected on the likes or interest of its target audience because the main target audience are also the students but it is not the totality because every student has its own style.

It simply means that one student is different from another student in terms of their likes or interest. 2. Was the language used clear and simple for the target audience to understand? Why? Why not? Yes, it was. The font and size of the words were formal enough to be read by the target audience and the words were also bold enough to be clearly seen.