Students who are qualified for the program have behavioral Issues but not aggressive or violent behaviors. Students with qualified behavioral issues may have referrals for disruption, defiance, aridness, refusal to comply and similar problems. Before a school system can begin the BEEP, it must have administrative support, teacher and staff commitment, and a stable school environment. Once the school has established a BEEP, it will establish a team and coordinator.

This person will be responsible for ensuring that the program Is carried out properly. Next an established adequate staff will be notified, resources parents, and students will also be trained on how the program will be carried out. Everyone must work together for the BEEP to be successful. Once the students are chosen for the BEEP, the learning can begin for everyone. Some major features for the BEEP is that the intervention is continuously available, low effort by teachers, and continuous monitoring for decision making.

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The BEEP is a teaching tool that benefits everyone involved. Conclusions The Behavior Education Program can be a positive change for any school setting. I believe that this program can be very successful if the administration, teachers, families, and students all work together. There are many levels of this targeted intervention that help make changes with behavioral issues. This is a positive teaching tool that has been very effective throughout many school settings.