Teachers today need a range of assessment approaches using technology to gauge the achievement of students. Models of technology integration range from relatively passive uses (e. G. , teachers reviewing a topic with a power point presentation) to more interactive, hands-on uses(e. G. , students using word processing for student reports or calculators for mathematics problem solving, doing internet searches). Assessments tell us how well the students have learned what the teachers expect them to learn and teaching approaches ensure that the students have grasped the incept.

So for this to occur, assessments and teaching must be aligned closely, then they strengthen each other. The critical factor Is matching the teaching strategy with an appropriate assessment strategy. If a teacher does an exceptional Job In assessment of her students but the teacher does not take the assessment Into planning her next lessons then the assessments are a waste. Some of the assessment approaches I plan to use In my math class are rubrics, drill and practice software. I Intend to use Rubrics to tell me which particular area my student is falling behind.

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The drill and practice software which I will be using during mock tests will give me an instant feedback, thus saving my time that would otherwise be spent in manual grading. This way I can give more attention to my students. Using assessments to help plan for future lessons allows you to grow as a teacher. It is also important to see where your students stand in your class in order to help them be successful in the subject. As a teacher we don't want our students to fall far behind and with assessments we can prevent this from happening.