One aspect of postmodern culture is our being mesmerism's by technological devices which have helped erode the separation between the private and public. Critically discuss the ways In which testing both enhances and decreases social Interaction and Intimacy. It seems that Individuals have been arguing about what Is natural and what Is not from the beginning of time. The original and natural product Is very rarely found that professions have been created to find the Orleans of objects. Similar to Darning's discovery of the Galapagos Island, the idea of the first' and evolution is something hat is questioned frequently.

In the case of the Galapagos Island, very few people are allowed to visit in order to not create an interruption with the growth of the natural habitat. In contrast, we live in a world where we need to constantly evolve within seconds. Stories are birthed in seconds and somehow everyone knows about it before it can be reported through the news. Testing has created that instantaneous form of communication without ever needing to meet someone to hear it. In the Bodybuilder article, It discusses art and how "it should be an affirmation- not an attempt to bring order.

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But simply waking up to the life we are living, which Is so excellent, once one gets ones mind and one's desires out of the way and lets It act of Its own accord. " (62) This Is a great example of how testing has transformed our way of living. We are now no longer living in the moment or letting life "act on its own accord", we are editing, copying, pasting, and explaining our messages to alter ourselves in order to be who we want to be. Testing has created the question amongst many of what might be real versus what is altered.

It is evident that testing ND technological communication has helped many towards success but it has also created a society that no longer lives in the moment and is constantly living in the future. Testing creates the awareness of loneliness, has impacted social settings and intimacy but has also satisfied and helped many people through convenience and quickness. In a society where we need everything in an Instant, text messages have become the most convenient form of communication for adolescents and emerging adult populations.

A study showed "couples who experienced low levels of mismatch than couples with greater mismatch (Kookier & Fitzpatrick, 2002). This may seem like common sense, but text messaging is often the main form of communication in present day relationships. In a world where everyone is busy, text messaging seems to be the perfect solution to stay "connected". Looking at personal past relationships, communicating was more difficult to do face-to-face and it was easier to get my point across through text messaging.

Those relationships did not last but it makes me wonder if text messaging and different forms of communication other than intimate, face-to-face conversations prolongs a relationship that was doomed from the start. In one Journal it states that studies have shown that the use of mobile phones represents a convenient way for couples to connect throughout the day and to increase their levels of communication when apart. (152) Levels of communication does not mean enhancement of core relationship values within the couple. Keeping in touch" is different from conversations to assess ones compatibility, which is rarely done without oral communication. Studies have shown that individuals liked testing because they were able to talk to multiple people at once, leave large gaps in the inventions, conceal truth, and have the ability to immediately clarify misunderstandings. (Carroll & Kirkpatrick, 2011) Although many admitted to prefer face-to-face meetings, testing as a communication has become a convenient and reliable form of taking control of ones life.

Nonetheless, regulating your messages is a form of control, but the receiver also has the power to read the message the way they view it based on their feelings, thoughts, and life experiences. It is difficult to project your intentions and emotions, therefore there is the often need to explain what the initial meaning was. The symbolic values of creation, and the relations of inferiority are absent here, it is pure exteriorly' (Baudelaire, 15) Testing lacks intimacy and creates difficulty in discovering the "in the moment" feelings within the conversation.

It is pure exteriorly as Baudelaire mentions because what you see is what you get unlike face-to-face meetings where the reader can read the speaker through body posture, expressions, and tone of voice. Testing and technological communication, including Faceable and Twitter, has many benefits and to start with the obvious, it allows communication between individuals in a convenient way. Asking a quick question and receiving an instant response is much easier than making a phone call and needing to have a conversation.

Individuals are more likely to answer text messages than phone calls because testing has been easily incorporated into our multi-tasking society. Although testing can be used as an exposure of personal conversations, it can also allow individuals to text something that might not be possible to be said at the moment. Multiple private conversations can occur through testing even during face-to-face conversations. Therefore our social interactions are increasing but the intimacy within conversations is decreasing.

Research has also shown that teens have been advancing by having important connections and amazing accomplishments with access to testing and other forms of technological communication. (to, 2008) Communicating via technology allows individuals to find answers to questions instantly. It gives people a broader range of access to information and the ability to enhance their educational growth without traveling. The saying time is money is accurate in this perspective because by traveling. I have recently become involved in the youth group at my church where I needed to prepare weekly lessons based on issues teenagers were dealing tit today.

My fellow colleague had updated me on what kind of topics we would need to talk about and to my surprise Vive realized this completely out of my comfort, knowledge or experience. The issues that the church youth were dealing with are as per usual, intimacy and sexual relationships but to my surprise cutting and self-harm had become a large issue they are dealing with. My colleague expressed that nearly 60% of the girls began cutting themselves or are practicing some form of self-harm. I was astonished although I know and have heard of the commonality with self-injury, he large number surprised me and I knew that something was wrong.

I put the blame on social media. Although social media is a representation of the population so technically I am putting the blame on us, social media exaggerates an individual's experience. This creates depression amongst many people who are dealing with low self-esteem and those are usually teenagers. The instantaneous experience that we receive with social media creates an exaggeration to any event. We become obsessed with how many likes we have or how many followers we have that makes us dependent on others criticism for self-assurance.

We have become connected with too many people whether they are friends or enemies. Technological communication makes it easy for virtual bullying to occur. Being behind your laptop screen or cellophane, it is easier to criticize and Judge someone when the worry of seeing them is not there. Although teens and adolescents have stated that text messaging has given them more benefits than disadvantages, it can also create loneliness and suffering when used without caution. (to, 2008) Technological communication has helped our society gain convenience, connectedness, and quickness.

It is evident that exiting and technological communication has helped many towards success but it has also created a society that no longer lives in the moment and is constantly living in the future. The arguments are endless whether testing is harmful are beneficial to individuals and it is clear that testing can be both. It is a new phenomenon that will create much apprehensions and discussions. If something has been proven to be harmful, such as testing and driving, consequences have been created. On the other hand, many studies are still inaccurate and fairly new that there is no proof whether testing may be beneficial or not to ones life.

A great word to describe the society we currently live in is connectedness. We are constantly in the need to be connected and it needs to be instant. Cultural isolation as Baudelaire mentions (63) is feared amongst many adolescents and developing to adults.