Our company is called "Innovative Organization"; a new established company which is looking for quick expansion in market. As a company, we want to create fashion trend in Jewelry and accessories that includes computerized advantages for users As mentioned above our company's products are accessories and Jewelries that Include computerized technology which warns customers when they receive SMS, ms, e-mails and Incoming calls.

Instead of carrying tons of items in your pocket, you can use digital necklace, wristband, earring or ring and still keep fashionable. Our product will help you to decrease amount of items that customers carry in their pockets or bags This product helps customers to keep connected to at any time to their other digital products such as laptops. Tablets and smartness, In other words our customers will stay fashionable while they are using our product to decrease amount of Items that they do not want to carry with them all times.

With the help of our product, customers no need to check their digital devices for incoming calls or message; they will be alerted when they received it. Another feature of our product s, it's personal and our customers can use as a reminder for their jobs in their calendar or could help to remember customers personal passwords. To sum up, our company wants to expand In digital Jewelry market with Its unique designs and advantages that It provides to our customers while keeping our customers still fashionable. IDEA GENERATION As our company deals with building new Technology and solutions tort the new generation of tech save customers, encouraging our employees to come up with new Ideas to meet the essential needs of customers Is a part of our business plan. We set side one hour every week for employees to engage themselves in generating ideas using various idea generation tools to help them come up with various products and solutions in our line of business.

This new product, Just In Time has evolved from the use to various Idea Generation tools. Idea Generation tools used by our employees: Brainstorming using this tool our employees came up with many Interesting Ideas, a few outshines the others. Examples: Digital Transport Cards for the NEWS Government, Compatible adaptors that beat the space problem for multiple heads, Fog-free mirrors and glass etc. Problem Solving Targeted Innovation Since our company Is based on digital Innovation and wearable technological stream. Idea selection Everyone member of the group presented the issues annoying them in the daily life, which are steam on the glasses when the temperature changed suddenly, the port in the powering cannot be plugged into because the adapter next to it is too large, the sound or vibration from the phone can be ignored due to the bigger size of mobile and the bus card in Sydney can be easily damaged due to the material. Therefore, one idea has been selected from these four ideas through two idea selection ethos which are concept screening and six hats thinking.

The criteria of the concept screening are listed in four aspects which are availability, innovation degree necessity and the future of the further innovation. The score of each criteria is between -1 and 1 standing for the disagreement, neutral and agree. The result of concept screening is showed below Table 1 Idea Screening Selection Idea Criteria Glasses without steam Powering Watch connected to phone Transportation Card Availability +3 +5 +3 +5 Innovation degree -1 +2 +2-1 Necessity +1 +1 +3 0 further innovation -5 0 +1 -4 Total -2 +8+90 The powering and watch has scored the two highest marks in the process of screening.

As a result, the other idea selection method named six hats thinking has been chosen to evaluate these two ideas. Table 2 Hats Powering Watch White Useful product Red Interesting Fantastic idea Black Low innovation Expensive Yellow future Blue New trend of markets space, low cost, ease to implement Green Bright Low growth rate The yachted has been chosen SOOT is not recommended by the lecturer. So I choose another similar tool named PIN Filter. PIN filter Positive Negative On-time notification Changeable module A little heavier than normal accessory

Intriguing concerning Cooperated with other fashion brand Acceptance by the public Security issues Intelligence properties Kane Mode 4 PRODUCT AREAS Therefore according to the idea generation process, It can be clearly seen that the product that we will produce to meet customers' needs is mainly connect to two areas which are wearable technology and communication technology, we will combine these two technology to our product , so what are the wearable technology and communication technology? 4. 1 Wearable technology It is clothing and accessories incorporating computer and advanced electronic technologies.

The designs often incorporate practical functions and features, but may also have a purely critical. Wearable technology is related to both the field of ubiquitous computing and the history and development of wearable computers. With ubiquitous computing, wearable technology shares the vision of interweaving technology into the everyday life, of making technology pervasive and interaction frictionless. The wearable technology examples are as flow: The calculator watch, introduced in the asses, was one original piece of widespread worn electronics.

Lily Friedman designed a Bluetooth headset into a pair of earrings with a hidden acrophobic. The Spy TIE includes a color video camera and USB Heating Gloves keep hands warm when plugged in. Wearable technology has applications in monitoring and real-time feedback for athletes as well. Such as Nikkei + which has sensor in shoes, the Nikkei+ sensor makes it easy to track your time, distance, pace, and more while you run. This information is transmitted wirelessly to your device like phone for real-time feedback while you training.

The functional arm and wristbands pioneered by Nikkei Fuel Band are setting a powerful trend and sidestepping the emerging such as Disney World's Magic Band, which stores quest information and acts as ticks, room key, ride pass and more. The smartest bands will track a user's pulse; sleep patterns and more, helping to paint a holistic picture of wellness. Transitioning to nightlife and entertainment industries electroluminescent shirts have appeared in concerts such as Electric Daisy Carnival and Allophone. Michael Grazing Clothing has worked with such artists as Addendum, Coldly and Andy Moor they are appearing in the tourism industry. . 2 Communication Technology Take an phone for example, the phone is a line of smartness designed and marked by Apple Inc. The user interface is built around the device's multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard; the phone has Wi-If and cellular connectivity. An phone can shoot video (though this was not a standard feature until the phone ASS), take photos, play music, send and receive email, browse the web, send texts, and receive visual vocalism. Other functions?games, reference, GAPS navigation, social networking, etc. ??can be enabled by downloading APS; as of 2012, the App Store offered more than 775,000 APS by Apple and third parties. To sum up, in our product , we are going to combine these two technology in order to solve the most concerned problem in people's daily life . E going to use our semaphore more efficiently by connecting our accessions . 5 DEVELOPMENT BASED ON PRODUCT AREA Take the watch for example, while early models were capable of performing basic tasks like calculations, translations, or playing games, modern smart watches are effectively wearable computers.

Many smart watches run mobile APS, some run on a mobile operating system, and a few have full mobile phone capability, while others function as mobile media players, with playback of FM radio and audio and video files, with sound via Bluetooth headset. Such devices may include features such an Amerada, accelerometer, thermometer, altimeter, barometer, compass, chronograph, calculator, cell phone, touch screen, GAPS navigation, Map display, graphical display, speaker, scheduler, watch, SD cards that are recognized as a mass storage device by a computer, etc. And Rechargeable battery.

It may communicate with a wireless headset, heads-up display, insulin pump, microphone, modem, or other devices. The recent development of wearable technology: On April 16th, 2013, Mountain View corporation Google allowed for those that pre- ordered its wearable glasses at the 2012 Google 1/0 conference to pick up the device. This day marked the official launch of Google Glass, a device that brings rich text and notifications as well as other information straight to your eyes. The device also has a 5 PM camera and records IPPP Its various functions are activated via voice command.

The company also launched the Google Glass companion app, Mislays, the day before the official launch on April 1 5th. 6 PRODUCT AREAS MEET CUSTOMER NEEDS? The effective communication is one of the most important factors that contribute to meet customer needs. Whenever the customers meet their needs they will choose our business, so how wearable technology meet customer needs? They need to find out what a customer needs by asking and then actively listening to their response. The goal is to understand three things: What they want When they want it Customers are not always able to articulate what they need.

By asking key questions and probing for more information you can define their need. Once they have accurately assessed a customer's needs they next step in the process of engagement is to efficiently and effectively meet their needs, this meaner doing it right and doing the right thing. Wearable technology is the most advanced technology which is combined with our daily life, it well meet customers needs, we are going to create smart watch which is connect to our semaphore, or accessories combine with our smart phones.

The design concept combines with wearable technology and communication technology which meet customer demands is never miss a thing with our products Think of the noisiest places, the quietest places and the busiest places you have been. How many times have you missed an important call, message or other notification because you didn't hear the tone or it wasn't suitable to be heckling your phone? Your social network, your colleagues, family and friends know they can reach you because you miss nothing. Your phone can be in your bag or pocket or anywhere within 10 meters.

Like a mini version of your semaphore, Smart watch or accessories reflects what is happening in your world and lets you know. 7 CUSTOMER NEEDS and VOCE for just In Time This section of the report includes significant analysis and features about our products which were gathered by using SF and Voice of Customer analysis in order to provide good service quality to the customers and to qualify the quality levels that could be expected by the consumers. Our organization paid particular attention and focused on choosing the right concept of quality of services that meaner essence voice of the consumers.

Some suggestions and problems are clarified in order to show why our product is important and needed by the consumers. These days almost every person use semaphore. Smartness are part of our life. With the help of the smartness, we are able to check our e-mails or do anything, which is related with Internet. Actually mobile phones invented to communicate with people anytime and anywhere. Right now it's all about where are you, what are you doing, who you are with and posting pictures. However; even smartness make our life easier, we still struggle in that ease.

Usually male semaphore users put them into their pockets and females carry them in their bags. Try to think that someone is called, messaged or e- mailed you while you were walking in the George Street when it is extremely busy and noisy. Due to the crowd and noise, I usually don't able to hear my semaphore rings or beeps to alert me about incoming messages or calls. Probably all of you experienced this. I missed two Job interviews due to those missed calls, which I didn't even hear. Another problem about our smartness is we forget them at home.

Since you know, people out there might want to call us but if you forgot your phone at home or somewhere who is going to pick up to phone? That's another aspect why we want to create "Just in Time"! Even in the business life, people attend meetings and their mobile need to be in silence mode. Meeting is more important than your phone but your phone is the device, which allows you to communicate with other departments, customers or suppliers according to your business. Some people say you can call later, is it that big problem? For me it is because I'm extremely forgetful.

Even I know I received a message or call in the meeting; I'll probably forget that I * Multi-tasking * Provides good quality of performance and communication * Consistency * Efficient interaction between user and device * Reduces stress level When the services are being offered, which are basically the same to the consumers; this differentiation must be done according to quality or reliability of services. Those problems made us think about another device, which alerts us about incoming sausages, calls or e-mails that everybody can use in their daily life.

On the other hand we carry enough stuff in our pockets and there is no more room for another device. Thus, we want to apply our idea into accessories that we use commonly. Those were necklace, ring and watch. Augmented reality will become accessible Tech will become an extension of us Wearable technology will lead to more customization. Design and fashion awareness will be resurrected. Wearable tech will open Apish (application programming interface). Products and services will rapidly improve with knowledge.

Therefore, according to the problem that we meet in daily life with out smart phone, we decided to produce our product for solving these problem , however ,in order to attract customer to interested in our product, we need to do survey for analyzing their needs for our products, the results shows that the customers are concerned about a few things in terms of: 1. The appearance of our product if it is fashionable. 2. If it has on-time notification 3. Is it easy to assemble or not 4. Excitable wear rate 5.

Satisfy customer service Therefore, according to the survey we analyze the customer needs through SF gram we can clearly see that the most concerned about our product by customers is if our product is easy assembly or not then fashionable appearance also is second highest concern by customer, next one which is considered more by customer is if we have good service for the customers. While from technical aspect, the quality control which is the most important, and feedback is second important factor, however, the last two reliable test and dimension tolerance same amount of relative weight of 8% only. CONCEPT DESIGN 1 . Just in Time Pendent/ Watch 8. 1 8. 3 Just In Time Finger Ring Will We Stand up to our Competitors? When we search market for similar products we figured out, mainly we got 2 competitors. One of them world biggest Apples' "thatch" , which is not out yet, and mobile watches. However mobile watches are not the real competitors to us because what they want to produce and ours isn't the same product. Our goal is not to create a watch or accessory that works as mobile phone.

What we want to produce is accessory with advanced attributes. Our product "Just-Len-Time! " is going to be little square, which is attachable to colorful or classy watchbands, and necklaces we produce. Our advantage against twitch is our program compatible with androids, which Mac products cannot. As I mentioned before, we are not producing mobile watch. Mobile watches look so huge, not classy and hard to use since keyboard and screen is too small. "Just-Len-Time" Just reminds or alerts you about incoming calls, messages, e-mails or your reminders.

On the other hand with the variability in our watchband models, we also want to be known with our classy designs. 10 CONCEPT USED FOR FINAL DESIGN We at innovative organization believe in building innovative products to make life easier. To achieve this we use the help of digital technology. Our new range of products 'the Just in time ' line is one of its kind on the market today which addresses issues that might seem trivial but are experienced by almost everyone on day to day bases.

This product is used to alert you on calls, emails, calendar events in the form of wearable technology (Digital Jewelry). With the help of various innovative tools and processes such as idea generation, idea selection, SF etc we have been able to design and test our product on various levels (alpha & beta testing). Since this is a purely consumer based product we have ensured that the voice of customer is our main objective.