Interacting with people with different types of technology at home can be effective but it can have negative effects on interpersonal relationships. To begin with, technology is a reliable source of communication but it can create an outer shell in a person. This shell causes us to distant ourselves from the outside world. We start to depend only on small gadgets to communicate with others. They allow you to be connected but also disconnected at the same time, because you don't have to actually talk to the person. Testing can affect how people interact face to face.

Most people would start to become anti-social and will only be able to open up behind a cell phone screen. Also, when you are testing you can misinterpret what the other person is trying to say and this can create chaos in any relationship. For the past few years everything is designed to be more convenient for people, such as new generation 'Pods, faster phones and computers. Technology allows people to communicate in a way that they could not communicate in person. We rather text omen in the next room and not have to walk ten feet from our comfort zone.

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I think using technology can allow you to express yourself in ways you have never before. For instance, some people can text the person they have a crush on and tell them exactly how they feel but they would never be able to do this in person. I think the way we portray ourselves through text message is not the same way we portray ourselves in public.. People tend to be outgoing in a text and can be extremely shy in person. If a relationship is form on the basis of a text conversation all relationships loud be built on a false level.

I think testing is the coward way of saying how you feel without the need of confronting someone face to face. Technology is convenient. Testing rapidly replaces cell phone calls between romantic partners. Although it seems instantly gratifying, in the long run it could be unhealthy to some relationships. We have the availability to call someone from our cell phones at any time. We never get the chance to sit down and communicate with our loved ones since we are too busy going everywhere testing.

The availability that technology gives us can actually hurt our relationships with others. Imagine if you do not give a phone call to a girlfriend in several days and she knows that the only reason you won't call is because you don't want to this can stir a lot of conflict. Parents can also get upset if you call them once a week and your form of communication is testing instead of visiting them. Nowadays people would rather have a testing war for hours than actually go outside and see the ray of sunlight or open the car to visit anyone.

In closing, technology allows people to communicate in a way that they could not communicate in person. However, people are so used to being glued to their phones that even when there actually sharing time with someone in person they are still on their phones testing. A cell phone although very small creates a huge gap between a person and their loved ones. People need to learn to drop their fancy devices and focus on the most important things in life and that is spending quality time with their loved ones instead of using technology to escape.