Cellophanes and internet are not a cause death, but tech might be more harmful than helpful. With every breath a new technological market is being put into place all across the world. Tech such as T. V. S, computers, and cell phones have become the center that society revolves around. The reasons why technology is harmful, for example, are cell phones keep us too connected, people live off it too much, and certain parts of children's brains don't develop as well if they use technology too often. Technology by definition is the making or change of tools, machines or ways of undertaking things to solve a problem or issue.

By that definition technology is a great evolution for people as a society. It helps people finish tasks easier on a daily basis. The most advanced society would be the "best" surrounding to live in. Movies like Wall-E show people who are left alone Earth, on which they destroyed by polluting it so badly, now sit in a chair in front of a screen all day. This is not what people should have to evolve to, a society where humans are nothing but people and rely on technology to tell them how to live or live for them. An example of this type of society s the novel Brave New World by Aloud Huxley.

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Huxley world revolves around being a person, having sex, and doing drugs. They don't have feelings in their society, which means no families, no happiness, no depression, nothing. The society is based on stability. Huxley wrote this novel in 1932 about an overstatement of a utopian society. What he didn't know is that in about 90 years our society would be on a track to making his guess of the future come to reality. People rely on technology everyday to survive, not Just to better their lives. Technology should be more of a prop for unmans and not a brain, meaning it should help support people but not do everything for them.

The internet has made printed textbooks and written documents play out. Technology has taken over and changed everyone's way of living. Nothing can be competed anymore without the use of technology. By becoming so intelligent, Americans have exposed themselves to a major weakness. It has become the back bone, the brain, the navigation, and practically the entire way of life for Americans. Imagine if the power grid of the United States were to crash or get attacked by North Korea because they're fed up with the U. S. No one would know what to do.

Oil, food, heat, lights, and Just about everything people use on a daily basis would no longer work. After the stores ran out of food and supplies would people know how to fix or make clothes, provide enough food, or get from place? Without shopping malls or a place to buy supplies, Americans would be stupid. They would have to talk to other people and come together as a group to help each other out, this is why communities were a need in the first place. The United States of America would actually become "united" or face reality and fall apart entirely. The rack people are on now with tech is not helpful even if the power grid doesn't crash.

With the availability of computers, people don't have to go to cyber to research. Online classes make it so kids don't have to go to schools to gain an education if they chose not to. School is important with developing social skills as well and this is not reached with the use of technology. Faceable and Messaging via text allows people to communicate with friends all across the nation or world ( if you're rich enough to afford that) or Just across the room without even speaking. Speaking is Just way too such work, why would anyone want to do that? Cellular devices have become a need of life in the 21st century.

They are used too much and make socially speaking very hared because people feel more comfortable hiding behind they're phones, instead of talking face to face. According to Ye Wang a writer for Time Magazine of the seven billion people in the world, six billion have access to phones and only four and a half bill people have access to toilets... This Just puts a view on how much cell phones, that aren't a need, are more important to people than sitting toilets. Out of he one billion humans that don't have cell phones many of them are infants or young children that can't even hold on to one.

Because of the rise in cellular and social networking, social skills arena even developing as strongly as they should. Most people, especially in the good ole' US of A, couldn't go a day without their cell phones, they have to check their Faceable and update their statuses, text or Snapshot their buddies, or tweet every little thing they do throughout the day. Another important perspective is that technology is being used by kids. It's taking away their ability to empowered for them selves in ways such as being original or imagining their own Atlantis to play in.

Nancy Carlson said that "72% of tunes top-sold education APS are designed for pre-choler's and elementary children. " This means that tunes target market for educational APS is towards children eleven or younger. With this technology in front of them, they arena told to be creative. They don't need to imagine a world of their own to play in. The game they're playing through a LCD shows them everything they need to see. Kids are learning science, shapes, math, and most important, how to use their hands on an pad. Playing without technology develops imagination, creativity, and keeps kids active.

Also, everything an pad can teach them they already can learn in school. On the other hand tech has bettered the lives of people all over the world. The world shouldn't get rid of technology because without it the cavemen time in history would rise again. Technology such as the toilet have improved our lives. In many ways it can be very valuable, however, humans that are part of an advanced society are becoming more reliant and don't think for themselves. Because technology and the Internet give people answers that they don't eave to come up with anything themselves, Some people might argue that humans are becoming less smart.

There has to be a point when people don't believe everything on the web. Anyone can gain access to a web site and put up false info. Technology is mostly needed to help people with serious problems like pollution and diseases. While brand new phones are cool, there are much bigger problems that should be dealt with. People should be educated on basic survival skills incase the technology they so hardly live on crashes and humans have to provide food, light, heat, and other needs for themselves. Being in control in your life and thinking for your self is a much better way to live than living through smartness.