There is simple this Hot Dry Rock process, first of all, water is pumped into hot, crystalline rock via an injection well, becomes superheated as it flows through open Joints in the hot rock reservoir, and is returned through production wells. At the surface, the useful heat is extracted by conventional processes, and the same water is recalculated to mine more heat. There are some discussions with advantages and disadvantages, those topics are the cost, the availability, and reliability.

First of all, we know that every construction have different costs, but in this cases changes the cost with variation of places. Geothermal power costs are now more competitive with coal power plants, making them among the cheapest power providers and getting cheaper in every project. But the principal costs are based on, where the projects are located, because of geothermal sites. So the key to economically exploiting geothermal resources using current technologies, is finding the best hydrothermal place.

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As we know, if we want to find big resources of water, wind, sun, etc. We need to go to the areas were normally we can find the resource. In this case, geothermal power is primarily available where the hot magma finds its way close to the surface and heats ground water. But this geothermal spots don't occur everywhere, they are located, for example, in USA in Western States, Alaska, and Hawaii. The big key to universal use of geothermal resources is the development of deep, hot dry rock resources.

The key to that is drilling technology. Due to the hot, often corrosive, environment of geothermal resource areas, drilling for geothermal resources is far more expensive than any other kind of drilling. As drilling technology improves, geothermal power plants could become universally available. Once in operation, geothermal plants may be the most reliable of all energy production methods. Since they are fundamentally simpler than most other power systems, there is less to go wrong.