Today's world management need an extensive variety of factors appropriate for an effective management plan. Walter Stores, Inc , is the world's largest corporation and number one seller, with this accomplishment this company needs to not only look for internally solutions but to their management objectives as well as look outside of their business for further resources. In addition to the Increase of technology and the easy admission to virtually Information.

Wall-Mart Stores, Inc, commitment Is to be prepared to respond to the large quantity of demands made by consumers and suppliers. Wall-Mart Stores, Inc, has accomplished this highly planned advanced Inventory tracking system that allows stores, Including the Internet to have In stock what buyers are searching for. According to "Walter Business Model Study" Walter USA alone has more than 4,300 stores employing 1. 4 million associates including Walter discount stores, Walter superstructures, and Walter neighborhood markets.

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In 1962, the first Walter open in Rogers Ark by 1975 Walter had more than 125 stores having $340. 3 million in sales leasing IBM 370/1 35 computer systems for the maintenance of inventory for all the merchandise including ore than 100 electronic cash registers for the point of sale (POS) data to maintain inventory. In 1 983, Walter planned to begin using bar codes for scanning POS data. In 1984, Walter associates begin using a Telethon scanner this was used for the scanning a shelf label providing a description of the merchandise.

In 1985, Wall-Mart had 882 stores and sales of $8. 4 billion. In 1990, a data warehouse prototype was created for store historical sales data and by 1992 Walter introduces link systems to reinforce supplier partnerships this system offer vendors information on sale trends including inventory levels. In 1996, Walter makes marketing available via the internet and starts the use of the internet as an application platform launching online stores.

On January 01 , 2005 Walter installs radio frequency identification technology (RIFF) with this development Walter stores plan to applied control over their absolute inventory supporting employees to identify and locate merchandise Immediately for the customers. In 2006, Walter begins experimenting with web 2. 0 Including social networking tools, making an agreement with Oracle and Hewlett- Packard for the usage of their price-optimization and Blob retail applications and by 007 Walter presents site to store service which means online buyers can pick up their merchandise in stores.

In addition to web- based applications and analytic tracking software Walter Is using technology advances that are more environmentally friendly conserving energy. Walter functions with a centralized Energy Management System (MESS) which monitors and controls all cooling, heating, lighten and refrigeration systems for 24 hours seven days a week for all Walter locations. Walter technology has developed through the years that it has not only improved the customers experience but then again become more energy efficient as well.