These types of technology are considered to be modern technology. According to Longhand's Dictionary of Contemporary English (2007), Modern Technology speaks to usage of modern tools, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization. Wanda Tableaux, owe contributor stated that "Technology has given us nearly instant communication. In Dalton, more people are able to view Information and products than ever before.

The Increase In communicative ability and access to data is beneficial in that it creates a certain level of accountability. For instance, members of the media are under more pressure to report accurately, since the data they report Is seen by potentially millions of people worldwide". Modern technology aids in the enhancement of our existence; hence It can be considered as a friend; however I argue that it should be considered as our foe as most modern technology mechanisms have some negative effect on our lives. Modern Technology is an active source of pollution; also many criminal activities are originated from or

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Influenced by Modern Technology. Most Importantly modern technology has a negative impact on our health. Although modern technology has its advantages; it cannot be denied that there are some serious disadvantages. Paragraph 1 Topic sentence: Modern Technology contributes Immensely to the pollution In our society. Supporting Detail: By-products of Industrial operations are often pumped In nearby rivers or any large body of water mass which In turn leads to water pollution. Evidence: Sorensen. (2010, August 08). Stated that" Some two million tones of human waste are disposed of in watercourses every day.

Seventy per cent of industrial wastes in developing countries are dumped untreated into waters where they pollute the usable water supply," Supporting Detail: In addition to pollution transportation is a main contributor to air pollution as most, if not all types of transport systems uses a fuel emission technology where fumes containing pollutants such as lead is spewed into the atmosphere. Evidence: The rapid growth In motor vehicle fleets has also contributed to the obvious deterioration In air quality in urban areas". The Gleaner (2006, April 27).

Supporting Detail: Moreover modern technology is one of the many causes of noise pollution in our environment. Evidence: Dry. Andre Clarke (medical doctor) pointed out that he had to make an official complaint to the police department with regards to modern technology In the form of loud speakers being a nuisance In the vicinity of his office. (Personal Communication) 1 OFF our environment? Paragraph 2 Topic Sentence: Criminal activities often stem from modern technology. Supporting detail: Violence is soaring amongst youngsters as most multi-media activities they indulge in entails some amount of violence.

Evidence: Cleaner (2012, August 06) stipulated that modern technology has made violence seem acceptable in he eyes of our children or the younger generation through multi-media channeling. Supporting Detail: Further more modern technology is used as an aid in conducting pedophilia activities by some malicious people. Evidence: Goad. "The computer, in fact, has turned out to be the greatest single advancement in the history of pedophilia". Supporting Detail: Evidence: In addition modern technology is used as a tool by malicious persons to carry out scams throughout the world.

Evidence: Mrs.. Serene Brookfield stated that she was a victim of a scam via cellular phone technology where she ended up losing $7000 of her hard earned dollars. Personal Clincher: Through modern technology, criminals live an easier life and are able to conduct criminal activities more efficiently. Paragraph 3 Topic Sentence: Modern technology has a significantly negative effect on our health. Supporting Detail: The use of the popular cellular phone is harmful to the human body as its radio frequency technology may cause brain cancer.

Evidence: The International Agency for Research on Cancer (ARC) (2011, June 10) stipulated that cell phone radiation exposure is carcinogenic to humans. Supporting Detail: Also the exposure to wireless technology such as Wife and cordless phones plays an integral ole in the infertility of some humans, both male and female. Evidence: Fertility specialist and Naturopath Gabriele Rosa stated on (2013, February 04) that exposure to low-level electromagnetic waves radiated from wireless technology devices can be harmful to health and fertility.

Supporting Detail: In addition the use of modern technology in the form of pesticides and herbicides may result in babies being born with deformities. Evidence: Dry. Gerald Payne (medical doctor) stipulated that "There were cases of deformed babies being born, research then pointed out that the others of the children had a high concentration of chemicals that make up the structure of pesticides and herbicides used in agriculture. (Personal communication) health.

Refutation There are those who believe that the introduction of modern technology is good for the society as it acts as an aid in the medical field, but this same modern technology is highly capable of passing on the notorious cancer to an individual. Modern technology has improved our communicative ability significantly some may say; however, through internet connectivity, children come in contact with random/ efferent people every day and there is no real security mechanism implemented to bar a pedophilia from conversing with them.

Modern technology through industrialization has made our lives beautiful with regards to the variety of fragrances that currently exist; however, these same fragrances in the form of colognes, aerosol sprays and much more are conducive to air pollution and the destruction of the ozone layer. Conclusion Technology will be the key element in the downfall of the human race. Modern technology has always been a part of our lives, with that said the ozone layer is a rime example of how negatively modern technology affects our life through pollution.

The development of new technology has taken many lives as most mechanisms are toxic to the body. Through criminal activities such as thievery, violence and much more modern technology undoubtedly makes the world an unsafe place to live in. I believe it is safe to conclude that technology is a major foe.